Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chloe Made Bento!!!

I just bought the gingerman cutter from a baker shop and also small size butterscotch bread from Bakers Cottage. This morning I asked Chloe if she wants to make the bento herself. Immediately she said yes! I guided her and here are the results! 2 star shape and one gingerman sandwich. Not bad isn’t it? Now I really think that bento-making is really good as in you can pack cute breakfast for your little one if she or he is a fussy eater (kids tend to be more happy if the cute stuff appears infront of them) and you may get them involved in the bento making as well. A good bonding time between you and your kids too. Hmmm… I wish my little girl also loves my new hobby so she can joins in as well. :-p

Made by Chloe

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Candy Girl said...

Oh how cute! Those are very good for such a little girl!