Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bento No# 91: Snoopy and Mini Animals Bento

I'm on the way catching up the outstanding bentos to post again! Here another two bentos I made early July . .
 This is for my niece, Chloe. I used the cutter that I bought from Daiso. The cutter has been idle in the box for quite some time and finally I took it out and used it again. The idea came from a bento mummy. Simple yet nice. =) The sandwich is filled with nutella chocolate. Her favourite. 
This is snoopy bento for myself. The sandwich is filled with salmon mayo. The ear appeared too small compared to the head. =.=''' Included in the box are golden kiwis and finger hashbrown.

In the meantime, why not drop by my new bento online store and say "hi" to me? =)


Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

Lovely bentos!! I love the faces and the bear. Your niece is so lucky!

Yenn said...

Thanks Rina! Yea, my niece is the lucky one. Btw, i hv fun making for her as she appreciates what i hv done for her. :)