Monday, January 20, 2014

Crispy Baked Cod Fish Strips

I am not a good baker nor a good cook. But I love to test the recipes and love to bake/cook. Most of the time, my baking successful rate is higher than cooking. Anyway, most importantly, both my big man and little girl in the house do not fussy about my baking/cooking and yet, they always become my "white mouse" for all my bake/cook. :)

I see a lot of people making deep fried arrowhead (nga-ku) crisps and crabstick. I am so tempted to try. It looks easy for noob baker like me. But my intention always die when thinking the amount of oil needed and my kitchen condition. 

I joined a baking group in facebook and the people there are just too awesome! They share their bakes/tips/etc in the group. Ann from Anncoo Journal shared this very very very addictive and easy snacks for CNY, crispy baked cod fish strips. I warn you, this is very very addictive and I gotta hide this out of my sight, otherwise, I think it will be finish before CNY. 

Crispy Baked Cod Fish Strips
(adapted from Anncoo Journal)

2 pieces of medium size nori sheets I used roasted seaweed, the one use for handroll
50g of cod fish strips
adequate amount of egg whites
adequate amount of white sesame seeds (optional)

1. Cut the nori strips about 2cm width and 5cm length.
2. Cut the cod fish strips into half.
3. Roll the nori strips over the cod fish strips (about 5-6 strips depending on your preference) and "glue" them with egg white.
4. Dap a little egg white on the nori and press on the sesame seeds.
5. Arrange nicely in the baking pan and bake at pre-heated oven 140c for 8-10mins or until turn golden brown.
6. Leave it cool and store them into air tight container.

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Zoe said...

Hi Yenn,

Happy CNY to you and your family! Hope that my greeting is still not too late :p

I see a lot of blogger baking these crispy strips this year and you have baked yours very well too :D