Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bento No# 49: Strawberry Pudding & Green Tea SwissRoll and Fruits Galore Bento

This was my bento on 6 Mar 12. I bought the strawberry pudding swissroll and green tea swissroll from a bakery on the weekend. I always love their swissroll!! They have variety of swissrolls such as this new strawberry pudding, green tea, charcoal, sesame, double chocolate, etc. So, I packed the swissrolls to work and also pack one for my niece although knowing the fact that she actually does not bring to school.
My bento for the day!

Chloe's bento!
Both of us were having lots of fruits. In fact, I just want to fill up the gap. >.<  I also packed the almond strips and sunflower seeds cookies for Chloe as she loves it! MIL told me that she refused to share one piece to her younger sister even though I packed two in the bento.

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