Monday, May 19, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Revisit!

I could not think what else I shall gift to the teachers except for baking something for them. I did not get anything for them last year. But I decided to bake something for them this year, since this year would be her last year in this school. 

I was thinking a mini/small loaf of butter cake or cookies. But I think cookies would be better. Easily packaged with the mini glass jar. :)

I used the same recipe from Wendy, but instead of using brown sugar, I used castor sugar instead. The reason, I forgot about brown sugar! 

My house was smelling so good with the cookies. I have to baked them in few batches because my oven is small. I am deeply regret for not getting big built in oven. Seriously!!!

Then my happiest time come, the first bite.

Do you see that?? The chocolate is melting! I was like, OH MY GOD!!!!! I finally found the right chocolate chips!! I used Hershey's semi sweet chocolate chips. RM18.50 for a small pack! It is expensive as compared to those from bakery supplies shop, but it is all worth it! Worth it!!! And the problem now, what shall I do with the leftover chocolate chips from those bakery supplies shop? Lesson learnt from the baking today is, only use GOOD quality chocolate chips or chocolates for baking that needs CHOCOLATE.  I found it now, Hershey's semi sweet chocolate chips! 

So, then I packed them in a small glass jar. :) I hope the teachers like them. 

Oh ya, it was World Baking Day yesterday and so coincidence that I baked the cookies. So, happy baking day to all bakers! :)

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