Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Butter Salted Egg Yolk Prawn

My mil gave me two packs of large prawns last two weeks and they have been sitting in my freezer since then. I hardly cook large prawns as I have no idea how to cook. My mil usually cooks sweet sour prawn. For a newbie in cooking like me, I can't cook something new during weekdays. I usually in very rush mood in preparing dinner during weekdays. So, I can only reserve them weekends. So, I searched for the large prawns recipe online. I have idea on what to do with the prawns, but I don't know how to cook. Haha. Noob in cooking! So, I looked for butter salted egg yolk prawns and it came out quite a lot! So, I tweaked a little from one of my favourite food blog, Nasi Lemak Lover. I omitted the curry leaves and small chilli because my little girl does not take spicy food.

about 10-15 large prawns (i do not weigh them) devein with shell on, clean and pat dry
about 50g of corn flour
4 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 salted egg yolk, steamed and mashed
60g butter

1. Heat enough oil in the wok, dust the prawn with the corn flour and deep fry both sides until golden prawn (should take less than 1 minute)
2. Remove the prawn from the wok and pat with kitchen towel, to absorb the excess oil.
3. Remove the oil from the deep frying and clean the wok.
4. Heat the wok with butter and saute the chopped garlic until fragrant.
5. Add in salted egg yolk and continue to stir to prevent mixture from burning. Once the mixture bubbles, add in the deep fried prawns. Stir fry them to ensure the prawns are all well coated.
6. Place some fresh lettuce on the plate and arrange the prawns nicely and serve immediately!

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