Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bento No# 15: Somen Bento

Before hubby starts complaining his everyday BREAD bento, I quickly think of any food to pack as breakfast for him. I sees some of the bento bloggers actually use rice, mee, soba, somen, etc. Rice, fried mee definitely out from me (temporarily). So my only choice is the simple one, soba or somen. The weekend, I bought a pack of somen, a pack of soba, the sauce (tsuyu) from Jusco. I watched youtube on how to prepare the somen. Pretty easy. Cook the somen like maggi mee (I am expert on this, LOL) and rinse with the cold water. After that, take out somen in a mouthful portion one by one to the ice-cold water big bowl. As for the dipping sauce, mix one tsuyu sauce with ice-cold water. The portion is 1:1. Simple isn’t it??

As for the bento, I packed the dipping sauce in the food cube. 6 portion of mouthful somen in the bento box and I also packed a few boiled baby carrots in it. Hubby dropped me email at work saying that he loves the somen I made for him. *yay, yay, yay* *dancing and jumping on the floor*. Yeah. Simple appreciation words really brighten up my day! I am sure you do. J

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