Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bento No# 28: Smiley Burger Bento

I went to bakery shop during my lunch hour to get some bread for tomorrow’s breakfast. Then I spotted hamburger bun. I thought it is a good idea to make a burger then since I still have ham in the fridge to finish it. I told Chloe, my niece that I would make a burger for her and she was happy.

It was actually very simple to make, perhaps, I should say, assembly? Get ready all the ingredients such as hamburger buns, sliced cheese, cooked ham and veggie. Then I used cheese and nori for his eyes and mouth. I made 3 bentos in 45 minutes today. I think I am getting faster and faster, heh? Practice makes perfect!! And I am not perfect yet!! I tried to put some fruits to the bento everyday and all depends on what fruits available in the fridge. I only left one kiwi fruit in the fridge, so I shared the kiwi half for hubby and another half mine. I also packed mandarin orange to my bento as well. I put some pretzels for hubby and Chloe. Hehe

Hubby emailed me in the morning saying that my burger is very tasty! LOL!!! He really made my day! Back home, Chloe told me the burger is nice and she was very full after finished one whole burger by her own. My nephew, Xuan Xuan came to me said, “Pe mu, ming tian zhuo mien pau gei xuan xuan”, meaning, auntie, tomorrow make “bread” for him. I was smiling to him and said if you want, I will make one for you.

I am more than happy to make for them if they like it. J

3 bentos for the day

Bento for my niece, Chloe

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