Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bento No# 20: Match & Munch Bento

I made 3 bentos today, one for myself, one for hubby and one for my niece, Chloe. She asked me the day before why I did not make any bento for her. I said because you didn’t bring to school. She said she will finish it when she is back from school. I don’t know why she does not want to bring to school as she did not tell me. Yesterday she cried saying her teacher scolded her and she does not want to go to school. I hope today’s bento will make her happy.

Chloe’s bento.

Two-tier puzzle sandwich and also some prunes for her. See the small little feet at top of the bottom left size puzzle piece? That was cut out using craft puncher bought by my sister. Not suitable for decorating the bento I guess. I believe the paw puncher will make it better. I am waiting BentoCraft to re-stock.

Hubby and my bento

Bigger puzzle sandwich for big appetite us. Hehehe.. I only made normal sandwich and put at the bottom of the puzzle sandwich. The 6-pcs mini puzzle sandwich is definitely not enough for me and hubby. I also grilled the sausages as I attempted to do sunflower sausage. But I failed again. I guess I gotta cut the sausages into half make before can round it successfully. See the little piggy hiding there? I put the chili sauce for the sausages.  As for hubby, I use the normal Lilo’s container for him.

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