Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bento No# 57: Marie The Cat Bento

I bought this marie the cat cookie cutter from a local bakery shop here. It's comes with two sets, one with the eye open and one with the eye closed.

I packed in a small lunch box which I bought from Daiso. I feel that it looks nicer with the smaller lunch box as it looks more compact and able to fill up the gap easily. I made three sets of marie the cat bento today. One for my niece of which I excluded the short hotdog for her, another two for hubby and myself which I include the rabbit (does not looks like ><) hotdog. Yeah, hubby got the small bento on last wednesday as he requested the small one. He said he dont want to eat too full in the morning as he wants to keep his tummy space for sushi feast with his colleagues!

I showed my colleagues on my marie the cat bento and told them how easy is the bento and know what.. three colleagues asked me to help them get the cutter as well! Lol. I am spreading the bento making bug to my colleagues. Hahaha..

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