Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bento No# 64 & 65: Hello Kitty Bento & Bed of Bread Bento

I was sick yesterday and not managed to wake up early to make bento. Hence, no bento for yesterday. I am okay now and today I am back for bento-ing. :)

I finally got myself hello kitty cookie cutter! Thus, today I made simple hello kitty bento for my niece. I used cheese for the hello kitty face and the underneatth is nutella sandwich, her favourite. The idea was inspired by another bento mummy, Bonita, you can check out her bento blog. All her bento are really really awesome!
Arrrgghh....what a lousy photo I have here. =.='' I added chocolate teddy bear cookies at both side to fill up the gap. But the light is too bad and the teddy bear cannot be seen here. :-( I also noticed that the cheese is melting too fast here as the hello kitty face is "glowing". LOL. I should try other brand of cheese then.
As for myself and hubby, I just made this two simple bento using the sandwich cutter. I named this Bed of Bread. LOL. I just feel like having BREAD only. Maybe because I do not have appetite yet. Was having bad flu since last two days. I am recovering now. :)


Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

Super cute and neat. Love your bentos :)

Yenn said...

Aww..thanks Rina for your kind comment. :)

Bou Shin said...

So cute! I'm glad that you're feeling better - I came down with a little stomach ache lately but I'm springing back into bento-making action. ^^ Are you using a provolone-type cheese? Because that's normally the type that glows...maybe you should try a cheddar-type to reduce the glowing? Good luck, Yenn!

Yenn said...

Thanks Aiko. Glad that you are getting better too. Im not sure if im using provolone type cheese. But i just bought cheddar cheese and i shall try! Thanks a lot!