Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bento No# 68: Hello Kitty Bento

I made this hello kitty bento on last thursday. I wanted to blog through my mobile phone, but I do not know why the photos turned upside down when I tried to upload. Therefore, I only able to blog it now.

Hello Kitty, is one of my favourite characters. I have full collection of Hello Kitty in wedding costumes from McD. My niece too, loves Hello Kitty and has been asking me to fix her Hello Kitty bento for loooongggg time, and now finally I made her Hello Kitty bento again. :)
This Hello Kitty bento is for my niece. Included in the box are kaya sandwich, harshbrown and alphabets chocolate cookies in the little pail container. I love this little pail container so much. It is so cute!
I made this version of Hello Kitty bento for myself and hubby. In the box are tuna mayo sandwich, harshbrown and sausages. I cut out the frame using puzzle cutter and the hello kitty in the middle. :)


The Mrs Blogs said...

Wow this is sooo cute!! How do you actually make it? Sorry a bit of a noob, am new to bentos I guess :)

Yenn said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping my blog. I used cutters! :)