Friday, February 15, 2013

Bento I Made in January 2013

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Hehe. It is not too late ya! Still Chinese New Year though! I was soooo busy few weeks before CNY. Juggling between work, kid and home are not easy! 

So, I gotta share with everyone the bentos I made for Qi last week of January. I did not have time to blog on time. So, here you go. ;)

So, I made this simple bear bento for Qi on 28/1. The bear and flower nutella sandwich, mandarin orange, grapes, and strawberries. The strawberries was mistakenly frozen in the fridge and end up becomes waterywhen I packed into her snack box. So, she did not finish them. *slap forehead* All my mistake. :(

Packing the same food as yesterday. She finished them except watery strawberries. 

A friend told me that taking too much grapes would result body heaty. Hmmm, so I packed red apples to Qi  on 30/1. My friend told me that soak the apple few seconds in the salty water will prevent the apple to dioxide. So, I tried. It's true! But the apple turn a bit salty. @.@ Maybe that's why my girl did not finish them? I should avoid packing apple then. 

Last bento in January. Not packing her any sandwich, but fruits. Homegrown papaya and seedless grapes. 

I am still owing two review post. One is way too long outstanding and I am feeling so guilty now. :( I shall review them before I'm flying to Langkawi on Sunday! 

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