Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bento No# 109: Qi's Bento

Okay, I still managed to blog another post before I'm flying off tomorrow morning. 

I have nothing much left at home as it was friday, 1/2. I thought of skipping making bento for my girl that day until I saw this ugly looking (being pressed on) raisin cupcake on the dining table. So, I packed this raisin cupcake, mini mandarin orange and seedless grapes. I arranged the grapes around the mini mandarin orange put on her name, Qi. 

I showed her the bento after she woke up and told her that the two alphabets represent her name, Qi, she smiled looking at me. sweet! :) 

Before I end my post, just to share with everyone that I received a parcel from Funbites. I will be having giveaway at the last week of February! So, stay tune! 

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