Saturday, February 16, 2013

Daddy's Bento & Monbento Review

I received an email from Monbento last month if I would like to review their product. I jumped out from my chair and I replied say I do!

I received the parcel pretty fast as Monbento used Fedex courier service. My first impression of this box, it is BEAUTIFUL! The box is named MB Original, that they actually comes with lots of colorful design. Check out their website for more interesting stuff! The one I received is white. 

The box comes with two-tier and each tier has capacity of 500ml. The box is very sturdy,BPA free and made with high quality plastic with a "soft touch" finish. I really love the feeling holding the box, as it is soft yet very elegant and sturdy. 

Another great feature that I love is both containers are actually airtight and fully microwavable! How cool is that! So, you no need even open the lid to warm your food in the microwave. ;)

It is definitely worth to invest in such an elegant and stylish bento box that I believe it could last long. 

I was so excited to try to pack the morning breakfast in the bento box. It is two-tier box and definitely quite big for me alone. So, I used the box to pack breakfast for hubby. Anyway, it is consider big to pack breakfast unless one is big appetite, or else, I guess this box is very good for packing lunch meal instead. 

I filled the lower tier with sugar butter bread rolls and homemade cornflakes cookies. The upper tier consists of strawberries, golden kiwis, mini mandarin orange and grapes. 

Few days later, I was thinking if possible to use one tier instead of two tiers. So, I used the box to pack breakfast for hubby to bring to office. 

I only left coconut buns. So, hubby had two coconut buns and I also filled in seedless grapes for him. It is nicely fit in into one tier! So the trick is just rotate the lunch belt like the photo below. 

Ta-daa!! It is great, isn't it? Now you can use as single tier bento box or double tiers bento box. Totally love this! :)

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Anonymous said...

I like that Monbento has coordinating silverware that fits inside the top but their pieces are very expensive.

(Like your blog, looking forward to more!)