Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bento No# 111: Kissing Fish Bento

I bought a pack of cheese sausages two weeks back. Hubby prefer black pepper sausages but I prefer cheese sausages. So, of course I picked cheese flavour. :p

I got the idea to make fish out from sausage from Bento Fun

It was actually quite easy. People usually ask if cut the details first or later. We should always do the details first before you boil them. So, the details would be more visible and nicer. But I usually oven baked them. hehe. I added scrambled egg at the bottom of the kissing fish. 

I used hello kitty sauce container from my friend, Ida . It is so lovely! I also added blueberries in my breakfast box. 

I made two of this kissing fish bento, one for myself and another one for hubby. I did not decorated his bento , so I did not bother to take photo of that. My girl did not have kissing fish bento, but she had funbites bento on that day. 


Mayumi said...

Pretty kissing fishes, and don`t seem too difficult. It's a great idea for a busy day.

Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

They are adorable Yenn, I love them! :)