Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bento No# 112: Happy Friends Bento

Awww..I browse through my bento photos and realised I missed to post this bento. I made this on last day of February. :p

I packed fried mee hoon with oven-baked cheese sausages, and also homegrown papaya and blueberries in another layer. I got this cute two-layer strawberry lunch box from Daiso! What a good deal, RM5 for two-layer lunch box! The fried mee hoon was bought a night before for tomorrow's breakfast. So, I just re-heat them and pack them for my little girl. It is only very thin layer of fried mee hoon. I have no idea on how to decor the lunch box actually, and the idea of flower sausage and smiley face were spontaneous. Hehe. 

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