Friday, March 8, 2013

Bento No# 113: My Melody Bento (again!)

I bought a pair of croc shoes for my little girl (at promo price!) and I added My Melody button on the shoe. I introduced her My Melody since then. She now recognises My Melody and at times, she will asked for Melody bento. 

Another simple My Melody bento for my little girl. The melody sandwich is cut out using the cookie cutter. It works great on bread as well. I added seedless grapes and strawberries in tulip flower design for her. I got the idea for the strawberries in tulip flower design from my instagram friend. She does wonderful bentos as well! 

I am participating a blog hop on new movie release on Wizard of Oz: The Great and Powerful with fellow Bento Bloggers & Friends tonight. So, please do come back again to check on our blog hop tonight! :)

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