Saturday, July 5, 2014

Macau Day 2 (Part 1): Margaret's Cafe E Nata and The Venetian Macau

Second day itinerary were going to The Venetian Macau and Taipa!

How can you leave Macau without trying the famous and highly rave Portuguese egg tarts? I have two bakery shops in mind that I must try, Margaret's Cafe and Lord Stow Bakery. For breakfast, we were going to Margaret's Cafe. We do not know the direction on how to go, and leading the big group, I rather take taxi. :) So, we took 2 taxis to Margaret's Cafe. Just tell the taxi driver that you want to go Margaret's Cafe for portuguese egg tart and he will bring you there!
It was a little bit crowded in the morning. Perhaps locals drop by to tapau the egg tarts to work. I saw few ladies/gentlemen in working suit. :) Limited seats, but luckily we managed to grab ourselves a set few minutes later. They have more varieties than portuguese egg tarts. What I like is the sandwich station, where you can choose the bread and fillings.
Flaky,crispy and buttery pastry, freshly baked egg custard fillings that are soft, sweet and silky smooth! Malaccan use to get the so called best portuguese egg tarts in Melaka at Italy Bakery shop. But wait until you try this! All the portuguese egg tarts in Malaysia gotta step aside.
MIL ordered simple sandwich with lettuce and chicken bits. A little bit too dry. MIL thought there would be mayonise added, but no. You have to order that separately.
I can't remember what pizza is this. But it was generous with meat fillings!
Margaret's Cafe e Nata
Gum Loi Building, Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C,
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
Opening hours: Daily from 630am to 10pm (closed on Wed)

 We went back to our hotel for free shuttle bus to The Venetian Macau!
Took photo while waiting for our shuttle bus to arrive. This girl is so lovely and sweet in this photo. :)
A little bit crazy shot! hahaha 
So the shuttle bus was actually very punctual! Oh wait! The shuttle bus service is only for the hotel guests. So, the guests need to register and book probably a day before. The journey took about 15-20 minutes and I was enjoying looking out the window and therefore, no photo! LOL!
We were greeted by Optimus Prime once we got into The Venetian Macau! Cool right? LOL. It was so happen that they were having Transformers Expo there! But we did not go in la.
Happy face when he saw free tasting of the rou gan!

A must tourist photo? Everyone was lining up to take photo with this tall dressed man! So, we also join-lah! ^^
The gondola rides! The gondolier was very entertaining. He would sing while riding the boat. At one time, he would stops to sing and also play musical instrument!
So this girl was very happy because she thought she would have a chance hop into one of the gondola rides! LOL!
Then I saw a signboard wrote "Kid's Playzone". So I was excited to bring my girl to check it out.
On the walkway into the registration counter, there are few "ha-ha" mirrors! The girl was having fun looking at herself at the mirror! Even my MIL was laughing non stop! hahaha!!
Aiks...everyone became shortie! hahahaha

So we walked to the registration counter and found out that we have to pay in order to go in. The price was expectedly expensive. So my poor girl did not get to play. :(
Ceiling artwork at the Venetian casino. So pretty. We did not go in anyway. With stroller and kid with us, the guard definitely not let us in.
The replica of Lourve at Venetian!
Pink and cream colors flowers! So sweet!
Beautiful angel playing musical instrument (I don't know what is that called!) inside a big cage. :)
My sweet little angel. :)
The Venetian® Macao,
Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança,
s/n, Taipa,
Macao SAR, P.R. China 
Our next stop were Taipa and Ruins of St Paul!



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