Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bento No# 70: Winnie The Pooh Bento

I always get ideas from all the bento mummies around. They are so kind and generous to post up tutorial on how to make it. It is really useful.

Today I made winnie the pooh bento. The idea is from Bentomonsters again. I love her creations. Visits her blog every weekday to catch up her updates. ;)

Thus, today bento is winnie the pooh ham cheese sandwich. I used cheddar cheese sliced as it does not melt so easily. Love it. By the way, the ear does not looks alike. The original one should has longer ear than my version. Then I added marshmallow balloon for my niece. :)

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Unknown said...

Love ur pooh, hv the blur look, nice. And tks for visiting me. :)

Yenn said...

Thanks Ming! :))