Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bento No# 73: Bear Bento

I has been quite some time I did not make bear bento? Today i'm back with simple bento.

It is egg mayo sandwich and the bears are made from the bread crust. This is the first time I cut the bear with bread crust to create the different color. Then, I cut the BEAR alphabets from the bread crust leftover. Besides, included in the box are chicken cocktail (with sausage cutter) and guava.

I did not pack cute bento for hubby. But his bento consists of egg mayo, hard boiled egg and chicken sausage.

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Bou Shin said...

Another cute bento! I also love your new layout, Yenn - very nice! ^^

Unknown said...

Cute bears! :)

Yenn said...

Thanks Aikovenus! :))

Yenn said...

Thanks Ming!