Friday, May 18, 2012

Bento No# 74: Sugarbunny Bento

*closed eyes with two hands*  (ashamed) I'm late again. I made this sugarbunny bento on last Tuesday. I was cracking my head what shall I do for my next morning bento and I recalled I have few cookie cutters yet to be used. So, I decided to make this little sugarbunny bento.
Included in the box are nutella sandwich, popcorn harshbrown and grapes for my niece.

I only packed non decorative bento for myself and hubby. Hubby told me he does not need a cute bento. (He is shy to bring cute bento to work :p). If I am running out of time, I will just pack normal bento for him. If I have time and the bento is speedy to work out, then I will pack a cute one for him. =)

This is mine. Included in the box are salmon mayo sandwich, popcorn harshbrown and grapes. See the little duckling? I love the picks so much. =)

This is for hubby. Inside the box, same as mine.

Hmmm, blog from computer is more organised than mobile blogging.

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