Monday, January 21, 2013

Bento No# 102: Snail and Fruits Bento

I bought green tea and yam swissrolls from local bakery shop. I love their swissrolls so much as it's really taste good! But their price is getting more pricey now. But the shop was having 22% storewide last weekend and I managed to grab two rolls of swissroll! Hehehe

I was cracking head on what shall I turn the swissroll to the day before. I only got the idea when I woke up that day. I made this to snail bento and give the snail a little hat, punched nori/seaweed for eyes, nose and mouth. Lastly, put some seedless grapes and flower silicon baran to decorate the box. The little girl likes the bee pick, so I added in the box to cheer her up. :) 

She did not bring two bentos to school. I prepared this on that night after her dinner. Usually, is daddy's job to prepare fruits for the little girl. But I was back home early that day from work, so I prepared fruits for her. Just to make her happy, I put the fruits into the box again. Includes in the box are golden kiwis, seedless grapes and strawberry yogurt in the panda container.

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