Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bento No# 104: Ugly Snail Bento

I bought double chocolate swissroll yesterday. So, again I packed swissroll for my little girl's snack bento. I do not have idea on what shall this swissroll can be turn to except snail. haha. So, again, snail bento. 

I was thinking to make the body using white bread but the body was way toooooooooo slim. LOL. I was actually using multipurpose cutters. I should free cut the body instead. Thus, it turn out to be an ugly snail. 

I added blueberries (she requested a night before :)), korean strawberry and golden kiwis. Since I made an ugly snail, so I added squirrel picks to match the theme. 

The little girl asked where is hello kitty this morning. =.=''' I believe she will ask where is squirrel tomorrow morning if I'm not using this squirrel pick. She loves the cute picks as much as I do. Now I'm OK to include cute picks in her snack box as I know she able to handle the little cute picks. 

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