Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bento No# 98: Rilakkuma Bento

Hello friends! I am so sorry that I did not update my blog for quite a few months. I feel so guilty! Ahhhh...I wish I have 36 hours a day! 

Okay...a brief update that I am now back to bento! I am no more making bento for my niece as her school now provides morning tea break and lunch! Her mom not even prepares her breakfast too. LOL. However, I am now back to bento for my little girl! Yay!! Finally, I able to make bento for my little girl!

My girl is 2 year old and I am sending her to half day right brain development centre. I only started to make snack bento for her on her third week of school. 

She does not really takes sandwich or bread at home. So, I spread nutella on the sandwich for her. I used rilakkuma cutter as it is small. But there are actually two rilakkumas there. LOL. I packed some seedless grapes for her as she likes grapes. As this is my first time introducing bento for her, I tried to minimise all the decor until she knows how to handle them. Besides, I don't know if my picks will get lost or not. Hahaha..

Guess what? When I picked her up from school, the principal told me she finished her bento! She even asked for more porridge for her lunch. I am so happy and proud of my little girl. I believe, she will be very soon adapting her school life, although she still crying badly every morning! =.=

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