Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bento No# 107: Monster Bento

It has been quite awhile that I didn't feel so stressful. I am actually blogging from my office now. Only few days ago, I realised that i'm actually looking for something to eat or do my own personal stuff to release my stress. Yes, i'm stressful at work now. Rushing for company tax submission dateline with so limited time. I have to come back to office to work during weekends to catch up my unfinished work. I took minimum 3 days half day off during weekday to take care my little darling after she back from class. I appreciate the time i spent with my little darling at home so much as I know, once i going back office to work, i will work late and no time to spent time with her. 

Alright. To de-stress myself, i'm blogging. :)

Monster bento for my little darling yesterday. There's sausage bun, golden kiwis, blueberries, strawberries and small mandarin orange. Actually i wanted to make hello kitty bun for her but after i put on the eyes and eyebrow, it turn like monster instead! I did not made the mouth! The mouth is original from the bakery shop. LOL. End up, I just put a witch hat for the monster. No worry, she is not afraid with this little monster. LOL. 

I also made a bento for hubby using Monbento. I will do a write up on this in next post. :)

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