Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bento No# 121: Fruity Bentos

I am sharing the fruity bentos that I packed for my girl yesterday and today. :) I was not feeling well on last monday, so I slept early that night and not managed to wake up early for the next day. I was feeling better last night, but I overslept this morning, so not able to pack myself and hubby breakfast bentos too. I only have enough time to pack simple fruits bento for my girl. :p I will make one tomorrow. I have in mind what to do with tomorrow bento. :)

Her yesterday fruity bento includes golden kiwis, seedless grapes and strawberries. She told me she does not want her fruit to be put into the Fuel snack pod! LOL. Probably because all jumble up together and she not able to see the "cute" bento with picks. :p So, I packed the fruits in the my melody box. :)

Today, she had her fruity bento in her hello kitty sandwich box. If you see carefully, the golden kiwis are in kiiroitori and flower shape. Mommy lacks of idea already, as the girl does not want bread/sandwich. :( I also includes seedless grapes and mango jellies as a bonus for her. 

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I am sharing where you can get the similar stuff that I used for this post. :)


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