Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trudeau Trapeze Insulated Lunch Bag Review

So, as promised, i'm reviewing Trudeau trapeze insulated lunch bag today. :)

The lunch bag comes with four colors, red, blue, green and grey. Mine is red. A lovely red color. :) The exterior is made of fabric and interior is made of PVC and lead free material. As like others Fuel range products, this insulated lunch bag is also made of eco-friendly and BPA free material. It also comes with 5 years warranty. 

There are many reasons why I love this lunch bag. First is the opening of the lunch bag is unusual from the others. It is open from the front part unlike usual one, open from the top. So, it is easy for you to put your lunch box, especially charaben into the lunch bag nicely. Besides, another reason is, this insulated lunch bag has a wide base, so you even can lay the Fuel sandwich box flat nicely in (below photo). 

It has a mesh pocket inside. You may put pack of tissue or Fuel 2-piece folded cutlery set

Oh ya, did you notice that i mentioned that this lunch bag is insulated? Yes, it is! So, add extra point to the lunch bag! :) See, the lunch bag is also able to accomodate one sandwich box and one snack pod perfectly. :) It actually can stores more than a sandwich box and a snack pod! Look below!

I managed to stuff one small diablock box, one snack box, one milk powder container and a milk bottle! How great and convenient it is! :)) 

I tried on larger bento box, a snack pod, milk powder container and milk bottle. Yay! Still able to fit in nicely! How cool! I simply love this lunch bag! 

I must credit this wonderful lunch bag to the Trudeau team for the smart and useful design. Now, I can put aside my recycle-able small lunch bag. Even my little girl happily carried this lunch bag when she goes to school in the morning. 

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