Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trudeau Stainless Steel Duo Container Review

My last review for first batch of Trudeau Fuel range products, stainless steel duo food container.

The sturdy stainless steel vacuum insulated food container from Fuel range from Trudeau. This piece of stainless steel vacuum insulated food container is made with high grade 18/8 (304) stainless steel. It has double wall vacuum sealed to keep the food hot for 5 hours and cold for 7 hours! It is stain and odor resistant and leak proof! The wide mouth opening is great as it helps for easy filling, eating and even cleaning. 

The whole set is comes with double wall, vacuum seal insulated stainless steel container, dry snack container (the red one), the lid - serves as serving bowl and also a folded safe food plastic spoon! If you are not using the dry snack container, you can keep the folded spoon on the dry snack container perfectly. :) 

This s/s duo container comes with two sizes, 10oz and 17oz. Mine is 10oz. It is good for mommies to pack home cooked food for baby, such as porridge. 

As per my previous review here, here, here and here, this container also comes with 5 years warranty on the defects in material and workmanship under normal household usage. 

So, let me try on the container now. :)

I made totoro soba with mushroom last week. My first try on totoro with sausage. I have seen this idea from pinterest, japanese bento bloggers and other bento bloggers as well. I hardly see short and small sausage and the smallest size sausage I can find here is consider "long". That's why you see that my totoro is tall and slim. Hehehe. I forgot about totoro whiskers after I snapped this photo. =.=''' 

I packed this to office as my breakfast. The container did keep the soba cold! :) Another part I like about this container is the dry snack container on top. I was actually wanted to make myself mushroom creamy soup and pack with this container this morning but I woke up late. My girl was having bad cough last night and all of us could not sleep well. :( Will do that in coming few days. :)

I also cooked the soba for hubby. I packed him in diablock lunch box. But this diablock lunch box does not able to keep the soba cold. :p

I received my second batch samples yesterday and Trudeau Corp is generously throwing some extras for me to hold giveaway. 

Sneak peak for tomorrow's giveaway. Remember to come back again to my blog for more details. :)

Where you can get the similar items that I used in this post :)


Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

Totoro above soba is super cute and great idea!! I usually never make food decorations whenever I sent a thermos and thanks for sharing this awesome idea!

Unknown said...

Aww... the totoro so cute!!!

Yenn said...

Thank you, Rina and KW! :)

Saqib Khatri said...

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