Monday, April 8, 2013

Trudeau Snack Pod Review

I will be going to review on Trudeau Snack Pod for this post. :)

I have been eyeing for this snack pod for so long and they are generously send me one. I am happy big kid when I got this for review. 

This is Trudeau Snack Pod which has capacity of 4.5oz and made from environmental friendly and BPA free material. It is good for packing fruits, yogurts, puddings, apple sauce, etc. 

What I love about this snack pod is the removable ice pack that able to lock onto the lid. If you see carefully on the interior of the snack container, it has a line to indicate the "max" level of your foods. Besides, it also comes with 5 years warranty. 

This is how the ice pack attached onto the lid. So, you can keep your fruits fresh up to 5-6 hours! :)

Again, my girl launched this snack pod first. :) I packed strawberry yogurt for her. Topped with strawberry bites. The ice pack able to keep the yogurt cool. This is what I am looking for. 

I also packed her favourite fruits, strawberries and seedless grapes. Again, the ice pack able to keep the fruits cool and fresh. 

The snack pod has the indicator for max level. As long as you fill up your fruits below the line, then your fruits will stay pretty and un-disturb inside the pod. The hello kitty head is not comes with the snack pod ya. It is a gift from a friend of mine. :) 

I actually tried to pack yogurt drinks into the snack pod too. Surprisingly, it does not leak. So, this piece of snack container is actually also leak-proof. Now, it becomes my favourite on-the-go snack container. :)

Trudeau trapeze lunch bag review on next post. :)

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