Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bento No# 122: Shokupanman Bento

I slept early yesterday night because hubby worked late and I had to put my girl to sleep. So, this morning, I woke up before 6 to prepare breakfast bento. :)

I fixed myself shokupanman bento. Shokupanman is one of the main character in Anpanman anime. Shokupanman has "bread" face shape. It is cute! :) Jusco shopping mall has a children train with the Anpanman and friends characters, including Shokupanman. My little girl always asks for a ride everytime she goes Jusco. I saw this idea when I browsing for bento ideas from pinterest, on my bed, before sleep. LOL

The shokupanman is made of buttermilk raisin bread with fish fillet, sliced of cheese, lettuce and mayo fillings. The face details are made of nori and cheese. The small rabbit container is filled with chilli sauce. It is really simple one but the nori cutting is really killing me, especially the eyebrows and nose. So slim. I don't think I able to do such nori cutting every morning. I don't have the luxury time to do that. I packed hubby the same food too, but I will leave it to next post, as I will be reviewing Trudeau sandwich wrap in my next post. 

I am sharing where you can get similar stuff that I used in this post :)


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