Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bento No# 31: Piggy Bento

I bought a pack of 6 hamburger buns last weekend and I used up 2 buns on Monday. I still have 4 to finish off before expiry date. So, I made burger again this morning. Yesterday, my niece, Chloe asked me why I did not fix any bento for her. She was looking for her bento after back from school and my maid told her that I did two bento, one for myself and another one for uncle. She asked why she does not have. LOL. I said "I thought you said you don't want?". She replied, "I want, I will eat after I'm back from school.". hahaha...OK. I make burger for you tomorrow ya.

I came across another bento mom, Bento Monsters. I like the bentos that she made for her two boys. Not only that, I guess she must be very good in cooking as well. All of her bentos are so detail in decoration, beautiful and colorful. Thus, I copied her idea for piggy bentos today.

This round, I bought lesser seeds hamburger buns. So, the face does not have so much "pimples". Hahaha. I made 3 piggy bentos today. The piggy looks cute isn't it? :=p

Chloe's  bento

And this is piggy bento for my niece. There is a bonus of ferrero rocher chocolate for her. She asked me if she can has it before she went to Singapore for holiday last weekend. I told her, you can have it after you back from Singapore ya. Thus, I included the chocolate for her today.

Piggy bento for myself and hubby

All three that I made!

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