Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bento No# 41: Valentine Teddy Bento

I was very tired yesterday and fall asleep very early. I managed to wake up as usual but I did not make any bento for myself as my colleague is buying me nasi lemak as breakfast. So, I only made for hubby and niece. Instead, only made for niece and only packed normal (without any decoration) for hubby. Since I only going to make one bento, thus I was trying to do valentine teddy bento. The idea is from Bento, Monsters.
Valentine Teddy Bento
Firstly, I cut the white bread according to the box size so it can fit nicely in. I made ham and cheese sandwich. She loves it! Secondly, I cut the teddy bear head using the cutter. However, I free-hand cut the body and the hand. So, you can see it is more like kitty body at the end. I spread a little bit mayo to stick the body and head to the white bread. Then proceed with the face details. The valentine teddy is holding a marshmallow candy! I put some sprinkles to make it more colorful.

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