Monday, February 6, 2012

Bento No# 34: Teddy Floss Bento

Ah...Today supposed to be holiday for me, but I still had to go to work. Why? Today is public holiday, Birthday of Prophet Muhammad but my company does not observe this day. Sigh, what a monday blue. Hubby is off today, so I only made bento for myself and my niece ( my niece is "off" today as well).

Teddy floss bento
OK. I admit. I copied the idea from Mothering Corner. :=P It is quite simple and easy to do. I cut the bread according to the box size in order to fit nicely in. Then cut another piece of the bread with the teddy bear cutter in the center. Spread the mayo and porkfloss. In fact, there are 3 tiers of the bread in the box. Put the bread with the teddy bear shape in the center on the top. Then, for face details, I use cheese and nori.

Do you notice that I use new bento box? I just bought it yesterday from Daiso. It is cute and cheap and I could not resist not to buy. Surprisingly, I realised it is actually two-tier bento box!! It is worth every penny! Then, I cut some kiwis and black grapes to my box and I am ready to work!