Monday, February 27, 2012

Homemade Chocolate Chip Muffin

OK. Another non-bento post. :)
I was having good chat with my sister in law on her coming business plan, and out of sudden, we talked about muffin! Then she got me chocolate chip muffin recipe from her friend who are selling muffin in Singapore. I went to the baking supplies shop to get all the ingredients. On last weekend, we baked muffin.
First batch of muffins were overflowed and burnt a bit at the top and the chips were all collected at the bottom of the paper cups. FAILED.
Second batch of muffins were too little in the cup and the chips again were all collected at the bottom of the paper cups. FAILED.
Despite the “FAILED”, it was actually taste not bad. :)
I am not satisfy with the results and want to try again. I try again day after.
This time, it is baked perfectly!!! I am not claiming the credit, and I shall contribute the credit to my mother in law instead. She pointed out my error and that’s why I can bake nicely this round. What we did wrong in the first and second batch was too much of baking powder. My sister in law was scooping 2 teaspoons with full of mountain, instead of 2 FLAT teaspoons of baking powder.
Nice one. Hubby loves it so much, as not too much chocolate.
I would love to try double chocolate muffin, with the chocolate melting from inside out! Omg…yummylicious!!!

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