Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bento No# 35: Little Girl Bento

I have been looking high and low for round shape cutter but I could not find. There are so many cookie cutters around but yet, there is no simple round cutter. I bought a round cutter previously, then only realized it is actually to make doughnut as there is another smaller round cutter in the middle. So, when you use to cut the bread, the center will be cut off as well. Last night, I suddenly think back what I have read from all the bento mamas’ blogs. Some of them actually saying they using any “cutter” that available in the house. Then only I realized actually I can use cup maybe? J

My bento in blue box and my niece one at the back with red color box

Hubby has two little girl accompany him today! LOL

All the three

So here it goes. I cut the bread, cheese and ham using the Avent cup. Then I used my face cutter that I bought from Daiso to cut the ham. Use the same cutter again to cut the cheese to make the hair. Then I used nori as mouth and eye. To make it more colorful, I put two flower sugar on top of the hair as decoration. For hubby’s bento, I used green and blue color flower sugar. Hehe. 

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