Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bento No# 32: Crocodile Bento and Mickey!

I was blank again this morning. My niece wanted Mickey mouse bento. So, my friends in the facebook requested me to make mickey mouse one. But mickey mouse bento definitely not able to fill up my hubby’s stomach. Therefore, I browse thru the bento photos in my phone and yeah…decided to copy this, as it is so simple. Crocodile bento!

I was actually struggling what to fill in to the box after I made the sandwiches. I guess I am going to get few smaller bento box. I opened the fridge and looked what I can grab to put into the box. Now I have two layered crocodile sandwiches, grilled cheese sausages (to finish off my stock in the fridge before I buy the mini wieners), fruit tart (bought by my father in law last night), a mini mandarin orange and chili sauce in the piggy container. The grilled cheese sausages were shrink after its cooled.
And this croc bento belongs to my hubby! J

I did 2 simple mickey sandwiches for her. I used sliced cheese for the face and of which I “cut” using my free hand. Therefore, the shape of the face is pretty ugly, uneven and not looks like mickey overall. After I done with this, only realized that I am actually have mickey stencil to cut out the face shape!! Sigh….If you want to see the good one, can check out Mothering Corner…. She is superb in doing Disney characters sandwiches for her kids! I was lack of time, therefore, I only managed to put a mini mandarin orange for her. I am sorry!!!
Mickey Mouse! LOL

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