Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bento No# 36: Happy Birthday Bento

First of all, I would like to wish my dearest hubby a very happy birthday! I can’t wait for today to make this birthday bento for him. I have been thinking what to put into the box since two days ago. *lol* And know what, I even dreamt that I was late this morning and I could not make a birthday bento for him. I kept on waking up in the middle of night. End up, my colleague said I have a pale look this morning. >.<

Back to the special birthday bento for my hubby. A two-tier sandwich cake with “Happy Birthday” wordings. The alphabet cutter is too small and I spent most of my time cutting, picking and arranging the alphabets on the cake. It is actually an easy task, but due to the cheese melting faster than I expected, so I have a hard time picking up and putting it nicely on the cake. I guess I shall get a bigger alphabet cutter. I added flower sugar on top to make it more colorful. He has bunch of animal friends to sing a song and celebrate with him! LOL. In Chinese custom, we would normally have mee sua and red eggs on the birthday. In fact, my mother in law really boiled few eggs on his chinese birthday which fall on 9th day of CNY.  So, I added a cutie egg for him, to symbolized his birthday. Lastly, I added kiwis and grapes for him. I wanted to make a “present” tie up with ribbon for him actually, but I was really running out of time. >.<
Happy birthday to you my dearest hubby

As for myself, I had this very simple rabbit bento as I was running out of time to prepare a fancy one. I packed the fruits separately.


Rabbit bento for myself


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Ah, yes, can comment now. :) love ur bday bento, so sweet of u to prepare for ur hubby. :)