Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chocolate Making

I found a new hobby, chocolate making! LOL. Okay, the new hobby comes in when I visited a baking supplies store near my office. My intention was to look for any interesting cookie cutters and accessories for my bento making as usual. Then, I noticed that they have supplies all stuff for cakes making, cupcakes making, muffin making, chocolate making, you named it!!! I was attracted to a small poster on how to make chocolate. :D I did not buy the chocolate making stuff YET. But after I walking out from the store, I kept thinking of making chocolate. I watched youtube on how to make chocolate, I googled on how to melt the chocolate, how to make lollipop chocolate, etc. Ah, few days later, I went back again to the store and I told the lady boss that I want to make chocolate and what things that I should get for a beginner like me. And I walked out from the shop with all these :-
·         One kg Beryl’s milk chocolate compound
·         One kg Beryl’s white chocolate bar
·         Cartoon characters chocolate mould
·         Chocolate moulds
·         Plastic bag in cone shape (10 pcs)
·         Piping nozzle

Back home, I told my niece that I am going to make chocolate. She looked at me with bright eyes and smiled!

I did not make the chocolate that night. I was tired after all day work in office. So, I kept this project to weekend. I made three types, marshmallow dipped chocolates, cornflakes or almond filling chocolates, and 3D cartoon characters chocolates.

Marshmallow dipped chocolates. I did one and the remaining was done by my little niece, Chloe. She was very happy to help me of course!

Cornflakes or almond filling chocolates. It is yummy!! J
Lastly, the 3D hello kitty, melody, rilakkuma and rabbit chocolates! This is the most tedious work among all. Firstly, the mould is not the plastic one of which I can easily remove the chocolate after formed. Secondly, I have to “glue” the front and back to form 3D. The amount of “glue” applied cannot be too much or too thick. Otherwise, you may see some gap in between. This was what happened on my first project. LOL.

It was fun making chocolates and trust me, I will be making more. ;)

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