Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bento No# 44: Caterpillar Bento

I see lots of mummies made caterpillar bento, hence, I also would like to give it a try. This was the only time I made bento with LEAST bread wastage, as I did not cut the side out. I used the whole piece of bread.
Chloe's caterpillar bento

Hubby's caterpillar bento

My caterpillar bento
All the three caterpillar bentos!
Today sandwich consists of fried scrambled egg, ham and cheese! Wow, how yummy it is! :p I used mini cocktail sausages as the caterpillar body and punched out the legs and face details using nori. The legs are punched out using music note puncher of which I got it from Daiso. I also packed my own made chocolate for hubby and myself. None for my niece, as to limit her intakes of chocolates! The golden pack is Rosetta milk chocolate cream sandwich cookies bought by my sister in law. Nice one! She got it from Singapore.


Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Those are SO adorable! Thanks for submitting to Bento of the Week. Voting goes through tonight!

Diana Rambles
Bento Blog Network

Yenn said...

Thanks Diana for your compliment. You made my day! :)