Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bento No# 47: Monkey Bento

I did not manage to buy bread yesterday, thus I cook maggi mee goreng again (having instant noodle once in a while is a bliss to me! :-p).
Monkey Bento
Actually I don't think it looks like monkey at all. Hahaha. My sausage cocktail is rather long. I copied the idea from Bento, Monsters. :-p
I packed the fruits separately. I find that the taste and smell of the fruits will turn different if I packed together with cooked food. It is OK if packed with bread. But not cook food. I wonder if other bento experts out there facing the same problem as me? No? Oh ya... there are two chocolate cups for myself too! Yippie!!!


Unknown said...

Cute monkey! :) Yah, the sausage is a bit long but still cute. :) I used shorter sausages, can try longer ard there, I heard fr a friend those deli stores in Msia sells small ones, but I dunno which state.

Unknown said...

Can't help much on the fruits coz I dun pack for my own box, n no complains fr the boys. But I avoid strawberries n other cut fruits prefer to pack grapes or blueberries for my boys' recess box. Coz I find strawberries give off a smell if keep for too long at rm temp, n I read cut fruits lose nutrients if kept too long.