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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Macau Day 2 (Part 3): Ruins of St Paul, Senado Square

Ruins of St Paul, one of the famous landmark in Macau and one of the UNESCO World Heritage. We passed by here at the first night and surprised that it was really packed with locals and foreigners. And second day, we were here again.
The view from Ruins of St Paul.
Shot by my little girl. I have to adjust myself to her height or else i will get my head cut off from the photo. LOL
I can't stop laughing at this photo! Why la the hubby carried the girl like this? Like going to shit!! LOL!!!
Love this family shoot! Using Samsung Galaxy S2, edited the color and background. Hopefully it will turn nice if I get it printed.

Lovely candid shot by hubby. :)
The evening weather was good. We really enjoyed relaxing at Ruins of St Paul and observing the locals and tourists. LOL. The little girl was happily running around. :)
We then walked around the Senado Square and walked further to a narrow lane opposite Senado Square to dinner. Walked into a cramp and small restaurant (in fact, most of the coffee shops or restaurants in Macau are like that) for dinner. We had duck claypot rice and also chicken claypot rice. Taste wise, it was too salty for me, especially the duck claypot rice. After dinner, we walked again towards the main road and passed by Cheung Kei noodle house, which I wanted to have dinner on our first night!! Sigh...
We then took taxi back to hotel and called it a day. We went to Coloane Village next day! :) 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Macau Day 2 (Part 2): Taipa Village, Galo Portuguese Restaurant, Mok Yi Kei

We did not spend much time at Venetian. After about 1-2 hours at Venetian, we took taxi to Rua do Cunha. Rua do Cunha is a narrow street at Vila da Taipa, the town centre of Taipa island. It is a must visit place for tourists. :) The taxi driver told us it is actually very near and walkable distance. But we don't even know the direction where it is from Venetian, so might as well take taxi. We reached within 10 minutes. :p

To go Rua do Cunha from Venetian, walk to your right from the Venetian bus terminal. Follow the walk path that bring you to the overhead bridge. Follow the direction and you will pass The Taipa Houses of Museum (building in green). Walked towards the stairscase and walk further and you will reach back end of Rua do Cunha. :)
Koi Kee Bakery. Everywhere in Macau. You can spot few outlets in one street! 
Lunch at Galo Portuguese restaurant, located at the end of the Rua do Cunha street, opposite of Gelatina Mok Yi Kei shop.
Cod fish fried rice. Too salty for my liking.
Very tasty stir fry clams with garlic, olive oil and coriander. The meat was so huge compared to Malaysia!
Deep fried pork's hand. The skin was crispy (and hard) but the meat was tender and juicy. The skin was hard for me. But my MIL said it was alright.
My little girl was sleeping while we had our lunch. 

With the heavy tummy with us, we shopped around Rua do Cunha. Me and my MIL visited one shop to another shop and basically window shopping. We end up bought some accessories for ourselves at one of the accessories shop at Rua do Cunha. The husband bought souvenirs for his colleagues and I managed to grab a cute fridge magnet too. :)
We also had coffee break at the Starbucks, and had the famous sawdust pudding from Gelatina Mok Yi Kei!
Sawdust pudding at MOP15. It is a creamy pudding with biscuits crumbs on top of it. My verdict - OK lah. Nothing to shout. Really.
My girl had wan tan mee at one of the local coffee shop at Rua do Cunha after she woke up from nap. The price was so much cheaper than Wong Chi Kei and my MIL said it was even tastier than Wong Chi Kei. LOL.
Taipa Houses of Museum
So happened that they were having lotus flower exhibition. It was so beautiful. Great weather. All professional photographers with all the hi-tech cameras all around.
Beautiful flowers around the Taipa
Beautiful walkway in the garden.
Long walkalator from the Taipa garden towards The Venetian Hotel. Such a breeze! :)
We then took The Venetian free shuttle bus to get back to Macau old town. And next, we visited Ruins of St Paul and Senado Square before called it a day.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Macau Day 2 (Part 1): Margaret's Cafe E Nata and The Venetian Macau

Second day itinerary were going to The Venetian Macau and Taipa!

How can you leave Macau without trying the famous and highly rave Portuguese egg tarts? I have two bakery shops in mind that I must try, Margaret's Cafe and Lord Stow Bakery. For breakfast, we were going to Margaret's Cafe. We do not know the direction on how to go, and leading the big group, I rather take taxi. :) So, we took 2 taxis to Margaret's Cafe. Just tell the taxi driver that you want to go Margaret's Cafe for portuguese egg tart and he will bring you there!
It was a little bit crowded in the morning. Perhaps locals drop by to tapau the egg tarts to work. I saw few ladies/gentlemen in working suit. :) Limited seats, but luckily we managed to grab ourselves a set few minutes later. They have more varieties than portuguese egg tarts. What I like is the sandwich station, where you can choose the bread and fillings.
Flaky,crispy and buttery pastry, freshly baked egg custard fillings that are soft, sweet and silky smooth! Malaccan use to get the so called best portuguese egg tarts in Melaka at Italy Bakery shop. But wait until you try this! All the portuguese egg tarts in Malaysia gotta step aside.
MIL ordered simple sandwich with lettuce and chicken bits. A little bit too dry. MIL thought there would be mayonise added, but no. You have to order that separately.
I can't remember what pizza is this. But it was generous with meat fillings!
Margaret's Cafe e Nata
Gum Loi Building, Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C,
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
Opening hours: Daily from 630am to 10pm (closed on Wed)

 We went back to our hotel for free shuttle bus to The Venetian Macau!
Took photo while waiting for our shuttle bus to arrive. This girl is so lovely and sweet in this photo. :)
A little bit crazy shot! hahaha 
So the shuttle bus was actually very punctual! Oh wait! The shuttle bus service is only for the hotel guests. So, the guests need to register and book probably a day before. The journey took about 15-20 minutes and I was enjoying looking out the window and therefore, no photo! LOL!
We were greeted by Optimus Prime once we got into The Venetian Macau! Cool right? LOL. It was so happen that they were having Transformers Expo there! But we did not go in la.
Happy face when he saw free tasting of the rou gan!

A must tourist photo? Everyone was lining up to take photo with this tall dressed man! So, we also join-lah! ^^
The gondola rides! The gondolier was very entertaining. He would sing while riding the boat. At one time, he would stops to sing and also play musical instrument!
So this girl was very happy because she thought she would have a chance hop into one of the gondola rides! LOL!
Then I saw a signboard wrote "Kid's Playzone". So I was excited to bring my girl to check it out.
On the walkway into the registration counter, there are few "ha-ha" mirrors! The girl was having fun looking at herself at the mirror! Even my MIL was laughing non stop! hahaha!!
Aiks...everyone became shortie! hahahaha

So we walked to the registration counter and found out that we have to pay in order to go in. The price was expectedly expensive. So my poor girl did not get to play. :(
Ceiling artwork at the Venetian casino. So pretty. We did not go in anyway. With stroller and kid with us, the guard definitely not let us in.
The replica of Lourve at Venetian!
Pink and cream colors flowers! So sweet!
Beautiful angel playing musical instrument (I don't know what is that called!) inside a big cage. :)
My sweet little angel. :)
The Venetian® Macao,
Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança,
s/n, Taipa,
Macao SAR, P.R. China 
Our next stop were Taipa and Ruins of St Paul!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Macau - Day 1: Royal Hotel Macau, Wong Chi Kei Noodle House

I have so many things want to blog but I just do not have the luxury time to sit down to blog. I want to blog about my baking, my cooking and my travel! I think I am going to blog about my travelling first before my memory fade.
I managed to book very cheap air ticket to Macau last year. Yeah, you read it correct. LAST YEAR. Air Asia always has those zero fare promotion for next year flight. So, you gotta plan your travelling at least 6-12 months time ahead in order to grab the cheap air ticket.
There were total of 10 pax travelling togather this round and I was actually kinda nervous. Why? Because I was the only one planning for the itinerary, booking, etc. There were elderly and kids. So, I had least expectation to this trip. Furthermore, it was in June! What a hottest month in Macau! How to walk under the hot and humid weather??!! Oh ya, I was going with my parents in law, and my sister's family and her mother in law. :)

So, my father in law (FIL) booked a coach to pick us from home to KLIA2. FIL has cheaper contact than me, so he booked the coach. It costs RM400 for round trip, from Melaka to KLIA2. It was a smooth check-in and boarding. While waiting for boarding, of course we cam-whore! :)
 Our departure hall, L5. Each departure halls are well segregated. 
This girl was excited seeing her plane is coming!

She was learning to be a professional photographer. LOL!
Selfie before on board!
Happily checking out her seat immediately on board!
Obligatory post on the plane? LOL.
Fall sleep on daddy.

We reached Macau airport about 15 minutes earlier. After cleared the custom and collected our luggage, we looked for the airport free shuttle counter from our hotel, Royal Hotel. We waited for the next schedule, which was at 5pm. The bus came on sharp. The shuttle bus can accomodate about 15 pax. But it is good for us, 10 pax with luggages and 2 strollers.
It took about 15-20 minutes from airport to the hotel. The check in was smooth. The front line staff were friendly. Surprisingly, this hotel has its own casino, which I really do not know before I booked this hotel. My sister's MIL was very happy about it! LOL.
The kids were very happy with the free gift from the reception. Each of the kids were given two stickers/coloring books and color pencil. :) 
 We were given room at the top floor! So, the city view was good! The room is spacious and clean!
Her obligatory stuff that she must do. Jumping on the bed to test if the bed is solid and good! LOL!! Anyway, the bed is big and we can sleep in comfortably with 2 adults and 1 kid.
The toiletries provided. Aigner! The body lotion is smelling so good!
I did not managed to take much photo of the room, but the room was up to my expectation. Hair dryer, ironing board, TV, slippers, toiletries, complimentary coffee and tea, 2 water bottles replenish everyday are all provided. The only complain is slow internet connection in the room. It also has bathtub in the bathroom, which my girl loves the most. Bathroom was the place she checked out once she stepped into the room and immediately told us that she wanted to take bath! LOL! So, this girl had her long bath and both me and husband not managed to take bath and have to straight went out for dinner.
With the map on my hand, I asked the front line the direction to go to Rua Da Delicidade, for Cheung Kei Noodle House. According to the front line, it is located near Senado Square.
We reached Ruins of St Paul after about 15-20mins walk and it was crowded! We just passedby and not taking any photos, but look for food. LOL! End up, we not managed to find Cheung Kei, but we saw Wong Chi Kei Noodle House. So, we just settled our dinner at Wong Chi Kei at Senado Square.
Cool idea! Lift to transport the food from ground floor to first or even second floor!

Har-Zi Noodle, aka shrimp roe noodle. One of the signature noodle that you must try if you are in Macau! The noodle is springly and very thin, thinner than our local wantan noodles here. For me, the taste is very unique. My MIL does not fancy this as she does not like the shrimp roe taste.
We also ordered the signature sui kows. Each piece of sui kows was generous with filling of prawns, minced pork, carrot and also water chestnuts!

 Pork innard porridge. I particularly love the smooth silky porridge. You don't even need to chew.
We then walked around Senado Square and did some pastries shopping before back to hotel. You will see there are several Koi Kei Bakery shops at Senado Square. They are famous for thier crunchy peanut candy, almond cake, egg roll with seaweed and meat floss (my favourite!), and also many flavours of pork fillets!