Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bento No# 131: French Toast Bento

This post has been sitting in the draft for quite some time and I only realised today. :(

It has been quite some time I did not make french toast. So, I made mini shape french toast end of last month. I checked back the time stamp, I made in the past 10 days. LOL. 

Since I making mini french toast, I packed few flower shape french toast to my girl's snack box. I don't know if she likes it as she usually rejects bread. End up, she only took one piece of mini flower french toast and the rest untouched. :( As usual, she will finished all her fruits. 

This is my mini flower french toast bento for that day. Also packed red dragon fruits for myself. Teehee. My favourite fruit. :)

I made heart shape french toast for hubby. Hehe. The extra eggs goes to his snack box as well. :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to Bento With Yenn

Yay! I am actually busy with work, but I am stealing a bit of time to blog. Just wanna to make a shout out. Bento With Yenn is one year old and therefore, an awesome deals are going on now, precisely, TODAY!!

Many ask, how do I celebrate my birthday then and what do you received as birthday gift? Honestly, when one grows older, especially with family and kids, I least expect something for birthday. Of course, I do hope for surprises, but nahhh...all of us are busy with work, new house stuff, etc. So, let it be. We have dinner date after work yesterday. That's all and I am happy. =) At least I had a quiet and peaceful dinner yesterday. What about birthday gift? I expect nothing, honestly. I know well that our bank accounts are almost emptied now because we are setting up our new home. He said, the HOME is my birthday gift this year. And, I accepted it. =) Our HOME is almost done but we can't move in until the chinese ghost month is over. I am OK with it, at least I have more time to clean, arrange and decor the house nicely and neatly before I move in. 

Happy birthday to me, and happy birthday to Bento With Yenn. =)