Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bento No# 114: Wizard of Oz Bento

Friday, March 8th is the release of the movie Oz: The Great and Powerful. Bento Bloggers & Friends (BFF) are celebrating the release of the movie with a blog hop! How exciting it is! It is my first time joining fellow BFF for the Wizard of Oz movie, the Great and Powerful blog hop! I am so happy and excited about this actually! hahaha Please make sure you click on the button image below to take you to Shannon's Wizard of Oz bento. 

Hubby requested for instant noodle for breakfast, so I can only think of making lion out of sunny side egg and sausage. 

Packed the instant noodle, with lion egg and sausage with diablock box. He is shy to bring cutesy one to office. I added cherry tomato on top and bottom. 

I packed myself one too. I packed mine in cutesy box. I don't mind. hehehe. Same as hubby's one. 

As for my little darling, I only packed fruits for her to school. She does not really likes bread, and her favourite nutella was finished. So, I just packed fruits for her. I prepared them night before. Or else, I don't think I have enough time to make the two lion bentos early morning. 

Simple fruits bento for her. Includes korean strawberries, blueberries and seedless grapes. All her favourite food. And "En Qi" is her name. :)

She started attending fullday classes two days ago. So, I packed two boxes for her. One for morning tea break and one afternoon tea break. I dig out my cutters from my storage box and I used them as divider/food cup. Packed the same fruits as above. She does not mind because she just loves fruits. :)

And now, please click on the below button to take you to Molly's Lunch Box for another fantastic Wizard of Oz bento. Do clicking on the same button on every blog and until you come back to my blog. Enjoy! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bento No# 113: My Melody Bento (again!)

I bought a pair of croc shoes for my little girl (at promo price!) and I added My Melody button on the shoe. I introduced her My Melody since then. She now recognises My Melody and at times, she will asked for Melody bento. 

Another simple My Melody bento for my little girl. The melody sandwich is cut out using the cookie cutter. It works great on bread as well. I added seedless grapes and strawberries in tulip flower design for her. I got the idea for the strawberries in tulip flower design from my instagram friend. She does wonderful bentos as well! 

I am participating a blog hop on new movie release on Wizard of Oz: The Great and Powerful with fellow Bento Bloggers & Friends tonight. So, please do come back again to check on our blog hop tonight! :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bento No# 112: Happy Friends Bento

Awww..I browse through my bento photos and realised I missed to post this bento. I made this on last day of February. :p

I packed fried mee hoon with oven-baked cheese sausages, and also homegrown papaya and blueberries in another layer. I got this cute two-layer strawberry lunch box from Daiso! What a good deal, RM5 for two-layer lunch box! The fried mee hoon was bought a night before for tomorrow's breakfast. So, I just re-heat them and pack them for my little girl. It is only very thin layer of fried mee hoon. I have no idea on how to decor the lunch box actually, and the idea of flower sausage and smiley face were spontaneous. Hehe. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bento No# 111: Kissing Fish Bento

I bought a pack of cheese sausages two weeks back. Hubby prefer black pepper sausages but I prefer cheese sausages. So, of course I picked cheese flavour. :p

I got the idea to make fish out from sausage from Bento Fun

It was actually quite easy. People usually ask if cut the details first or later. We should always do the details first before you boil them. So, the details would be more visible and nicer. But I usually oven baked them. hehe. I added scrambled egg at the bottom of the kissing fish. 

I used hello kitty sauce container from my friend, Ida . It is so lovely! I also added blueberries in my breakfast box. 

I made two of this kissing fish bento, one for myself and another one for hubby. I did not decorated his bento , so I did not bother to take photo of that. My girl did not have kissing fish bento, but she had funbites bento on that day. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bento No# 110: My Melody Bento

I took holiday from bento since Chinese New Year and only resumed to make bento two weeks after. Woohooo! I went for holiday with my family after the Chinese New Year one week break to Langkawi. :) It was my little girl's first time fly on board! She was so excited! :)

I was a bit worry that she may refused to go to school after more than a week off. Luckily, she still willing to go to school, but still cried whenever daddy leaves her in school. :( 

So, I will usually make snack bento for her to bring to school, to cheer her up. :)

Finally I got the Mickey sandwich box, which I have always wanted for long time ago. I packed seedless grapes (underneath the My Melody sandwich), korean strawberries and blueberries. Now the little girl knows that this is "Melody" everytime she sees this cute little girl. :) 

Oh yeah, have you join my Funbites giveaway? If not, click here to join now! Good luck! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Funbites Review and Giveaway

Funbites contacted me last month if I keen to review on their products. Of course, I do! Besides, they are generous to sponsor my reader on Funbites of their choice! 

The green one is Cube iT and the pink one is Luv iT. 

I used the Luv iT cutter on last weekend. It was my first time using the funbites cutter. The cutter is solid and sturdy. It comes with cutter and popper top. It is sharp enough to cut through the bread, yet it is safe to be use by kids. I was a bit puzzled on why the cutter shape is not flat, but curved. Little did i know actually it is to help to cut through the sandwich (or any fruits or ham, cheese) easily. What you need to do is just to roll it side to side to ensure it is perfectly cut through. :)

My little girl picked up the little sandwich using chopstick! She was so happy and feeling good that she able to pick them up using chopstick! So, it is another fun way to have the funbites sandwich with chopstick ya! The hearty sandwich was for my little girl and we share the fruits on that morning. :)

Next day, I tried on Cube iT. I packed the small snack bento for my little girl to school. 

The nutella sandwich was cut using Cube iT. Again, I shall say, it is really easy and fast to use. Minimising the wastage of the bread as well. hehe. I stacked them up and secure it with picks. Then, I included mangoes and korean strawberries for her as well. 

I made breakfast for the kids at home yesterday using Cube iT as well. 

Cheese sausage sandwich sticks! The kids were so happy with their breakfast yesterday. :)

Overall, I'm happy with this funbites, either Luv iT or Cube iT. It is really great as in it cuts them into bite-sized and really suitable for kids at home. However, you need more creativity on Luv iT. :) Oh, do I mention that it is 100% made in USA and BPA free? :)

So now, want to win yourself a funbites cutter of your choice? Simply log in with your email or Facebook account via Rafflecopter widget below and follow instructions from there. It is mandatory to complete the first 4 steps, i.e. leave your email, leave a blog post comment stating your favourite funbites, like Bento Makes Me Happy page and Funbites page in facebook before unlocking the rest to increase your chances to win. It is my first time using Rafflecopter widget and please do email me at if you encounter any problem. The giveaway opens worldwide and will be close on 17 March 2013. The winner will be pick randomly using Rafflecopter widget and the winner will be announce on 18 March 2013. I will contact the winner through email and he/she has 48 hours to reply my email, otherwise, I will randomly pick another winner then. Please check back this post for the winner after the giveaway closed. Good luck! :)