Friday, May 24, 2013

Bento No# 124: Angry Bird Bento

Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhists! It is a public holiday here in Malaysia, but again, my company does not observe this day. So, I am at work right now. :p 

I bought angry bird plunger cutter from an online store. So, I was thinking to try with the new cutters. 

Angry bird kaya sandwich for my girl. The imprint is not so visible. I guess because of the bread that I used and also partly because of the cutter as it is plunger type. Also includes her favourite korean strawberries. 

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Bento With Yenn

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bento No# 123: Simple Muffin Bento

I have few pending bentos to post. I am going to post simple muffin bento that I made in late April, last month. 

I love muffin from McD. So, when I see muffin bread in local bakery shop, I bought it. :)

I spread butter on the muffin and pan-grilled a little bit. Includes sliced ham, fried egg and a slice of cheese. The panda then told me they want to do gymnasium once they saw me packing the muffin into the sandwich box. So, I allowed them then. LOL. I packed the chilli sauce separately in the small container. Then, it is done. One for hubby and one for myself. :)

Oh ya, I am running Trudeau Fuel giveaway which ends on 31 May 2013. You may want to check it out if you interested. :)

I am sharing where you can get similar items that I used in this post :)


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Giveaway!

As mentioned in my previous post, I am going to host another Trudeau Fuel giveaway today. It is awesome giveaway! Why? The winner will gets total of 6-piece Trudeau Fuel products!!

Includes in the giveaway are; 2-piece foldable cutlery set, a sandwich box, a snack pod, a uno snack container, a juicy sport bottle and lastly, a triangle insulated lunch bag to put all of them inside! How cool! :)

The giveaway is opens to Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore only, due to high increase in international postage charges two days ago. :( I will ship to winner who has Malaysia, Brunei or Singapore mailing address. :)

To join the giveaway, you are compulsory to follow the first 4 steps; leave your email, comment on this blog post, like both Bento Makes Me Happy and Trudeau facebook page. Increae your chances of winning by sharing the giveaway in facebook, instagram (and please tag @bentowithyenn), follow me at instagram @bentowithyenn, blog, tweet, or pin the giveaway. Please do come back again to post a link to your facebook/twitter/instagram/pin/blog as a new comment to earn extra entry everyday! :) Invalid entries will be disqualified.

The giveaway starts now and it closes on 31 May 2013. The winner will be picked randomly using Rafflecopter widget and the winner will be announce soon after the giveaway ended. Winner will be contacted through email and he/she will has 48 hours to reply my email, otherwise, new winner will be drawn then. Please do check back this post for the winner after the giveaway closed. 

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Snack n' Dip Container Review

I am so sorry again for the delay in review post. I am so tight up with daily schedules. So, today I will be reviewing Trudeau Fuel Snack n' Dip container and after this post, I will be having another Fuel giveaway! So, remember to come back again to check out the giveaway. :)

The first view and impression of the Snack n' Dip container. Cute! :)

Open it up, and it comes with a spreader attached on the cover. It has two compartments which smaller one for your dip and the larger one for crackers, sticks or fruits. 

The spreader is removable and as like other Trudeau's products, it comes with 5 years warranty, BPA free and made of eco-friendly material. 

I packed my little girl's favourite strawberry flavour biscuit rolls, and mango jelly. Love the size of this cute container. It fits perfectly for the biscuit rolls which my girl loves it so much. :)

I actually also packed fruits for her to go to school. Golden kiwis and strawberries, which I did the review of the Trudeau Fuel Snack Container here

Strawberry biscuit rolls and korean strawberries for the little girl. :)

So, I have done a series of Trudeau Fuel reviews. You may want to check it out here and let me know which one you love the most? For me, I love sandwich box and trapeze insulated lunch bag the most. Why? Because the sandwich box size is perfect for both kids and adults. And why lunch bag? Check out my review here. I will be holding another Trudeau Fuel giveaway on next Monday. Do visit my blog on Monday to check out the details if you wish to join. It opens to everyone. :)

I am sharing where you can get similar items that I used in this post :)

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Snack Container Review

I know it is more than a week I did not update my blog. I was tied up with month end closing at work, and busy cleaning for my new house during weekend. And I was down and sad for the General Election's result held last weekend. Alright! Month end closing and GE were over and I am back to post now. :) Before that, congratulations to Lori for winning the Trudeau Fuel Giveaway that ended 30 April. :) For those not winning, do not disappointed, I will be having another Trudeau Fuel giveaway after all my review for Trudeau Fuel are done. So, stay tune. 

I am going to review Fuel Uno Snack Container today. 

This cute snack container has capacity of 8oz and it comes with 3 colors; red, blue and green. It is made of PP plastic, BPA free and eco-friendly material. It also comes with 5 years warranty. Cool! :) One cute thing about this snack container is, there is a functional clip ring attached. So, you can carry the container easily, just hold onto the ring. :)

The interior look of the snack container. It is meant for dry snacks such as biscuits and bread. 

I used to pack hokkaido chiffon cupcake into the box for my girl to bring to school. 

I packed fruits for my girl with this snack container as well, although it is actually meant for dry snacks. No complaint from my little girl or teachers. :)

I packed garlic bread in the snack container. Perfect! 

The garlic bread was to dip into the instant creamy chicken soup. I also packed myself plain yogurt with lots of strawberries bits in the Fuel snack pod. I made this yesterday. :)

I am sharing where you can get the similar items I used in this post. :)


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