Monday, September 17, 2012

Bento No# 97: Hello Kitty Bento

I got a present in my mailbox that day! The parcel was full of hello kitty bento stuff from a new friend, who is 100% Hello Kitty fan! :)

Thus, I able to made Hello Kitty theme bento with the new tools, the Hello Kitty picks, the Hello Kitty stencil and the Hello Kitty sauce container! 

The stencil is bigger than the Hello Kitty cookie cutter. Thus, the whiskers cannot be seen. LOL. This simple Hello Kitty bento is definitely for my little niece, Chloe. :)

Breakfast for the Little One

I have not been making bento for my niece for so long. She asked me why I did not make a bento for her already and I promised her that I will make one for her next day. But I failed to keep my promise as I have lack of sleep that night. She asked her mum why can I not keep my promise. @.@ I felt so bad. Then I told her I would make her breakfast when I'm not working. 

This was a very simple breakfast I made for her one weekend. She was happy with it. Refused to share with her sister. =.='''

Bento No# 96: Boy Girl Bento

I packed this fried egg, ham and cheese sandwiches for hubby and myself on early August as breakfast.
I also included harshbrown and chilli sauce in the cute little panda sauce container. I am not satisfied with the girl. It look so "cacat" here. :p

Bento No# 95: Chloe and Little Panda Bento

Opppss...I realised I have not been posting my bentos for so long. And I still have bento that I made in July yet to post. This is the last bento I made in July. A very simple bento for my niece, Chloe. 

I can't remember what I put inside the mini bite sized sandwich. I also packed some grapes into the box, with her name on it, CHLOE. Love the alphabet picks. A great way to teach kids spelling heh?! :)