Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bento No# 68: Hello Kitty Bento

I made this hello kitty bento on last thursday. I wanted to blog through my mobile phone, but I do not know why the photos turned upside down when I tried to upload. Therefore, I only able to blog it now.

Hello Kitty, is one of my favourite characters. I have full collection of Hello Kitty in wedding costumes from McD. My niece too, loves Hello Kitty and has been asking me to fix her Hello Kitty bento for loooongggg time, and now finally I made her Hello Kitty bento again. :)
This Hello Kitty bento is for my niece. Included in the box are kaya sandwich, harshbrown and alphabets chocolate cookies in the little pail container. I love this little pail container so much. It is so cute!
I made this version of Hello Kitty bento for myself and hubby. In the box are tuna mayo sandwich, harshbrown and sausages. I cut out the frame using puzzle cutter and the hello kitty in the middle. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bento No# 67: Doraemon Bento

I had lots of doraemon comics in my book shelf. I read a lot doraemon comics when I was young. I love them. I always imagine that how nice if I have doraemon with me. :))

I made simple one. I cut the bread using Match & Munch cutter, combine both pieces puzzle and imprint with doraemon imprint. :) It is nutella sandwich and I included seedless grapes and konyaku jelly for her (my niece).

Me and hubby had 'zhong zhi' (dumpling) as breakfast. No photo taken. Hehe

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bento No# 66: Little Chicky Bento

I did not made any bento for my niece today as I cook instant noodles for myself and hubby. I tried to play again with the hard boiled egg this time and I did it! I am happy with the result...finally..

I made little chick with hard boiled egg. The biggest helper is the v-knife that I bought from Daiso, at only RM5. Included are harshbrown and boiled sausage.

Im not making any bento tomorrow as Im gonna to have McD grilled chicken McMuffin! Tomorrow is last day promotion for only RM2.50! Yay!!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bento No# 64 & 65: Hello Kitty Bento & Bed of Bread Bento

I was sick yesterday and not managed to wake up early to make bento. Hence, no bento for yesterday. I am okay now and today I am back for bento-ing. :)

I finally got myself hello kitty cookie cutter! Thus, today I made simple hello kitty bento for my niece. I used cheese for the hello kitty face and the underneatth is nutella sandwich, her favourite. The idea was inspired by another bento mummy, Bonita, you can check out her bento blog. All her bento are really really awesome!
Arrrgghh....what a lousy photo I have here. =.='' I added chocolate teddy bear cookies at both side to fill up the gap. But the light is too bad and the teddy bear cannot be seen here. :-( I also noticed that the cheese is melting too fast here as the hello kitty face is "glowing". LOL. I should try other brand of cheese then.
As for myself and hubby, I just made this two simple bento using the sandwich cutter. I named this Bed of Bread. LOL. I just feel like having BREAD only. Maybe because I do not have appetite yet. Was having bad flu since last two days. I am recovering now. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bento No# 63: Big Nose Penguin Bento

Hello... How was your weekend? I went to Seremban to have my favourite grilled crab that I have been missing since I was pregnant two years ago! Yeah..that long, two years. :p

I have been looking for semi long bun for quite some time and finally I found it at a bakery shop at Melaka Mall. I wanted to do a simple penguin bento but I ended up had big nose penguin bento instead. @.@ I should cut the nose using free hand as I do not have small oval cutter. And the Laughing Cow cheese is melting too fast!! What brand of cheese that does not melt so fast? Hmmm...

Inside of the bun are scrambled egg and grilled ham.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bento No# 62: Sealed Mini Sandwich Bento

Finally I bought this mini sandwich cutter from Bento Craft. I have been eyeing for this cutter for so long and now finally I bought it. It is a good investment I would say as it is really easy to use and time saving for bento making. Why? Because it pop out 4 mini sandwich at one go! :)

I made kaya mini sandwich for my niece as she requested for kaya. I also included mini sausages to go with it as my fridge is running out of fruits. >< Lastly, I add the animals food picks on each mini sandwich. Aww, that is so colorful and cute. When she woke up this morning, I asked her which bento box she wants and immediately she choose the animals family! :)

The simpler one is for myself. :)

Happy a great weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bento No# 61: Stitch and Mini Cheese Burger

Today is public holiday for Malaysia but I have to work today. My company replaced off day to earlier date, meaning I have 'enjoyed' the off day too.

I made stitch bread with the stitch cutter and spread with kaya. I also added harshbrown and mini cheese burger using cocktail sausage and cheese. That's cute! Im inspired by bentomonsters. She did a great job in bentoing.

I did a simpler version of bento for myself and hubby. Included in the bento are bread with mayo porkfloss, harshbrown and also mini cheese burger.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Bento No# 60: Snail Bento

I bought sesame swissroll yesterday and plan to make snail bento. But I realised that my snail was not that perfect as I cutted the 'face' out from the sausages. The eyes and mouth also looks big compared to the size of the snail head. Hmmm..I should improved on this.
My niece's snail bento

My snail bento!
Anyhow, my niece seems happy with it. She told me she finished off the snail bento after school today. :))

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bento No# 59: Bear Bento

Finally, I posting my last outdated bento which I made two days ago. I bought the wheat bun from bakery shop and intend to finish up the sausages that sitting in the freezer for so long dy.

I made egg with sausage bun and decorated with cocktail sausage bear. I wanted to make cinnamonroll after I saw from Bentomonsters but I failed. I just could not assembly the ears to it. So I gave up and made bear instead.

From now on, I will try to blog my bento whenever I make one, and align properly when I have time with my pc. There is no align function blogging thru mobile.

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Blog Template

Arrghhh.. Something wrong with my blog template. I am not sure if this is only happens to my laptop or everyone. The photos I posted to blog some appeared SMALL size. I don't know why. But it looks okay when I viewed from my handphone. I am looking for new template online but I could not find one which I like. Anyone knows where can I get nice blog template which relates to bento? :))

Bento of The Week!

Woohoo...My piggy bento got the most votes for last week's Bento of The Week at Bento Blog Network! It was an animal theme week and I participated two bentos, piggy bento and caterpillar bento. I am so happy!!! I received an email from Diana, the owner of Bento Blog Network for congratulating me. :)) And guess what am I getting? My piggy bento will be featured until next Friday on the sidebar at Bento Blog Network. Not only that, Diana also provided me the button blinkie for me to post on my blog to proudly announced my win! Yes, I am doing it now and I am so happy!!! It really motivates me to continue bento-ing.

Thank you for whoever has voted my piggy bento. FYI, my caterpillar bento comes to third place. hehehe you see the button on the right sidebar? :p

Bento No# 58: Chicky Mushroom and Herbs La Pasta Bento

I bought two packs of instant pasta last weekend and I think to try as I never try before.

Its pretty easy to cook. All you need are the instant pasta, water, low fat milk and butter. I also boiled an hard boiled egg to go along with. I tried to shape the hard boiled egg with the love shape egg mould actually but I failed because the egg was too small. So, I just made chicky then. As for hubby one, I use the remaining boiled egg sliced. Thought of doing caterpillar or insect with 8 legs, but I was running out of time to make the leg. So you can see this insect is no leg one. Lol.
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Bento No# 57: Marie The Cat Bento

I bought this marie the cat cookie cutter from a local bakery shop here. It's comes with two sets, one with the eye open and one with the eye closed.

I packed in a small lunch box which I bought from Daiso. I feel that it looks nicer with the smaller lunch box as it looks more compact and able to fill up the gap easily. I made three sets of marie the cat bento today. One for my niece of which I excluded the short hotdog for her, another two for hubby and myself which I include the rabbit (does not looks like ><) hotdog. Yeah, hubby got the small bento on last wednesday as he requested the small one. He said he dont want to eat too full in the morning as he wants to keep his tummy space for sushi feast with his colleagues!

I showed my colleagues on my marie the cat bento and told them how easy is the bento and know what.. three colleagues asked me to help them get the cutter as well! Lol. I am spreading the bento making bug to my colleagues. Hahaha..

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bento No# 56: Simple Back Bacon and Scrambled Egg Sandwich Bento

I love eggs. You can have lots of ways to cook the egg and as a noob in cooking, I am still learning. So, I tried scrambled egg on last friday. I read on how to make an fluffy scrambled egg but this time I was failed. It looked like fried scrambled egg. :-( Any tips that I need to take care of?
The sandwich consist of two slice of toasted white bread (half sliced for my niece),grilled back bacon and failed scrambled egg. Haha. I have no idea how to decorate the sandwich as the sandwich looked bulky. :p So, as usual I would use the picks! Love the cute picks so much. XD

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Bento No# 55: Tigger and Swissroll Bento

I made two different bentos last thursday. The cute one of course for my niece, and another simpler one were for hubby and myself.

Has did pooh bento and this time gonna make tigger bento! It was an easy one as what you need is just the tigger cookie cutter! I simply love it because it is easy to use and speedy one and yet the kids love it.
As for myself and hubby, I packed two sliced of green tea swissroll and dragonfruits. And now the picks come to save me. Just pick the animal picks to decorate. As simple as that! Hehe.. :))

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Bento No# 54: Grilled Cheese,Ham And Fried Egg Toast

I made this on 28 Mar 2012. This is not a goodlooking bento, but this is a yummy breakfast!

I got this recipe online a night before and I could not wait to try. LOL. Spread the butter generously on the both side of the breads. Grilled on the medium heat saucepan and put a slice of cheese on top. Then put the grilled ham on top and covered with another slice of buttered bread. Slowly and carefully flip the bread when the bottom slice of the bread color getting goldish. The fried egg will be 'slot' in between the ham after it is done. I just put a flag pick on top and thats it. Yummy yummy!!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bento No# 53: Winnie The Pooh and Heart Bento

I made two different bentos on last tuesday. The winnie the pooh bento for my niece and the heart bento for hubby.

The winnie the pooh is as simple as you can see. :) Packed some grapes into the box as well. As for hubby one, I made five little sealed hearts porkfloss with mayo. I put different colors of flower picks to it. Don't you think it is lovely? I got this idea from one of the bento mummy too.

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Bento No# 52: Random Bento

Yeah, i am blogging from my hp again! You know, sometimes you just have no time to sit infront of the pc when you are babysitting a toddler. Right now, my little girl is watching her favourite program while mummy is catching up all outdated post. :p

This bento was dated 19 Mar 2012. Wow, it was two weeks back. Lol. I called this random bento as I totally have no idea what to do. What a really random bento. :p

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Bento No# 51: Winnie The Pooh Bento

Awww... I just discovered that there is mobile blogging function for blogger and it is downloadable from Android market. How cool is that? I have so many posts to catch up as I just lazy to transfer the bento photos from my hp to pc and then blog about it as most of the time blogging idea comes so instantly.

Yeah, this indeed a very outstanding bento post, winnie the pooh bento. I found winnie the pooh cutter from a local bakery supplies shop here and it is cheap. I bought all three designs. Lol.
I used carrot sandwich as winnie the pooh as the imprints will look more prominent. It is a super simple and speedy bento. I really suggest to get few of this cutter for your bento making if you are running out of time. :p

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