Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bento No# 83: Little Puppy Bento

Hubby loves soba. He will asked for soba everytime i asked him what he wants for tomorrow breakfast. So, i granted his wish this morning.

This round, i filled up the little pail with grapes inside, so the little puppy would not fall in. :p I also shortened the sausages because i only have this type of mini sausage in the freezer.

So, here you go. The cold soba with little puppy popping out from the pail. :))

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bento No# 82: Rilakkuma Bento

I guess, the easiest cartoon character to do is always rilakkuma. Therefore, rilakkuma bento for this morning. :p

Rilakkuma bear with ears are mine and without ears are for hubby. It is pork sirloin ham and cheese sandwich. I did not make any bento for the kids as i was late. Do you notice my new panda pick? It is so cute and i love them! My SIL bought from taiwan for me. I gave her a list to buy but she only managed to buy a few. She said it is hard to get bento stuff that i want from Taipei. The salesgirl said it is getting lesser now. Sad. :((

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Bento No# 81: Elmo Bento

Hello! How do you do? Do you like elmo? I like elmo very much. So, yesterday i made elmo. I stole the idea from Bentomonsters. :p
I think there is still room for improvement. I feel something wrong, just does not looks right, but i just cant tell.

I did not make for hubby. I only packed him simple egg mayo sandwich for him. I have full kids in the house for these two weeks. I made two for the kids. Hope they like it. Another one for myself. :))

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bento No# 80: My Family Bento

I did this on last thursday. It was my first attempt on bread ball. I have seen this at many bento blogs but i have no courage to do. Finally i made it, but pretty ugly work. :p

The box with red grapes is mine and with green grapes is for hubby as he prefers green grapes. It was quite a pretty ugly faces, i know especially the hair. I shall practice and learn how to cut the hair nicely. The bread balls are stuffed with pork floss. The three bread balls represent my little girl, hubby and myself. :p

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bento No# 79: Hello Kitty Bento (again...)

Yeah. I just made hello kitty two days ago and today im back with hello kitty again. My niece has been asking for hello kitty bento since last week and i did not make one for her last two days. :p
However, it is another easy and quick one. But this round, the hello kitty are without whiskers. I was running out of time because i woke up late and i do not bother to put whiskers then. I even do not have time to prepare cute bento for hubby (although i know he does not mind/want).

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Bento No# 78: Bread Cup Bento

I get the idea from Bentomonsters as she shared great and wonderful tutorial on how to make bread cup. I decided to give it a try yesterday.

I prepared the bread a night before and kept it at air tight container. Next morning, i just boiled the eggs and prepared egg and ham mayo. I was afraid i failed as i prepared extra bread cup. End up, i made total of 7 bread cups. LOL.

Therefore, the extra one i made for my colleague. :))

Hubby loves it. I will make again this weekend. :))

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Bento No# 77: Hello Kitty Bento

It was a speedy bento on last monday morning. I just grabbed hello kitty cutter and ta-da...a very simple butter and kaya sandwich.

See the golden kiwis? It has been missing from my bento for quite some time and now, its back! I dont know why, i just could not find my favourite golden kiwis. It seems like out of supply from all local hypermarkets. I was so happy when i see it is back to store on last weekend.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Bento No# 76: Elephant Bento

I made spaghetti this morning. Hubby prefers bolognese than carbonara.

It is an elephant bento today! I get this idea from Mothering Corner. I pre-cut the elephant wording a night before. Next morning, I just put in microwave to warm up. But I overlooked the time and the ham was overcooked. =(
See the elephant wording? It is so ugly. >.< I put a grass baran at the back of the elephant so that it does not look so dull.
This is for hubby. Awww...the ugly elephant wording. =(

My new bento box. The box is quite deep, thus it is suitable for rice/noodles packing. It comes with strap too (not in the photo). I got this at RM5 each. What a steal!

A funny conversation took place this morning.

Hubby: Dear, do you take wrong bento with you? (I left the house earlier than him)
Me: Huh, no. Why?
Hubby: Why mine is froggie bento box?
Me: This bento box is suitable for noodles mah! You shy?
Hubby: Yes! Im shy to take this bento box.

Hahaha. In fact, I purposely to use this bento box as the normal bento box I packed sandwich is not deep enough. And soon after he finished his spaghetti in office, he watsapp-ed me saying that he is shy and all his colleague keep saying so cute and asking him where to buy. LOL.

Bento No# 75: Chipmunk Bento

I did not make any on Wednesday because I was staying up late on Tuesday night trying to book a cheap air ticket to Taiwan, but sadly, failed. The ticket is not that cheap. End up, I failed to get any international air ticket this round. Sad.

Thus, I made this chipmunk bento for my niece on last thursday.

Very easy and speedy bento, using chipmunk cookie cutter. Included in the box are grapes, kiwis and finger harshbrown.

I packed simple salmon mayo sandwich, grapes, kiwis and finger harshbrown for myself and hubby. No photos taken. =p

Bento No# 74: Sugarbunny Bento

*closed eyes with two hands*  (ashamed) I'm late again. I made this sugarbunny bento on last Tuesday. I was cracking my head what shall I do for my next morning bento and I recalled I have few cookie cutters yet to be used. So, I decided to make this little sugarbunny bento.
Included in the box are nutella sandwich, popcorn harshbrown and grapes for my niece.

I only packed non decorative bento for myself and hubby. Hubby told me he does not need a cute bento. (He is shy to bring cute bento to work :p). If I am running out of time, I will just pack normal bento for him. If I have time and the bento is speedy to work out, then I will pack a cute one for him. =)

This is mine. Included in the box are salmon mayo sandwich, popcorn harshbrown and grapes. See the little duckling? I love the picks so much. =)

This is for hubby. Inside the box, same as mine.

Hmmm, blog from computer is more organised than mobile blogging.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bento No# 73: Bear Bento

I has been quite some time I did not make bear bento? Today i'm back with simple bento.

It is egg mayo sandwich and the bears are made from the bread crust. This is the first time I cut the bear with bread crust to create the different color. Then, I cut the BEAR alphabets from the bread crust leftover. Besides, included in the box are chicken cocktail (with sausage cutter) and guava.

I did not pack cute bento for hubby. But his bento consists of egg mayo, hard boiled egg and chicken sausage.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bento No# 72: Owl Bento

I managed to buy burger buns yesterday and I made owl bento this morning. Noticed that I did not use nori as face decoration? It was actually faster to fix a bento without nori. Maybe Im not a detail person. It is sometimes takes me forever to fix the nori as face decoration. Haha. So, today I used white bread, cheese and chocolate chips as eye and strawberry as owl mouth. Do you notice the popcorn harshbrown at the pink box? I found this at Jusco and immediately I grabbed one pack. It is so suitable for bento packing because of the popcorn size. :) And, do you also see my little duckling pick? That is handmade.

Ok, the blue box is for hubby, pink one for myself and the smaller one is for my niece. Have a good night. :)

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bento No# 71: Smiley Face Bento

I am ashamed to say that I am blogging the outdated bento again. I made this last thursday. I was so busy with my work and worn out after reach home.

Okay, I made this smiley face mini sandwich with the mini square sandwich mould and the hand was using the new multipurpose cutters that my sis bought me from Jmama! :)) Love it so much. Inside of the mini sandwich is nutella and kaya jam. Also included included in the box are harshbrown for myself and my niece. Hubby got the fruits.

I love today bento as it put a smile on myself after I completed it. Hope my smiley face bento put a smile on you too! :))

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bento No# 70: Winnie The Pooh Bento

I always get ideas from all the bento mummies around. They are so kind and generous to post up tutorial on how to make it. It is really useful.

Today I made winnie the pooh bento. The idea is from Bentomonsters again. I love her creations. Visits her blog every weekday to catch up her updates. ;)

Thus, today bento is winnie the pooh ham cheese sandwich. I used cheddar cheese sliced as it does not melt so easily. Love it. By the way, the ear does not looks alike. The original one should has longer ear than my version. Then I added marshmallow balloon for my niece. :)

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Bento No# 69: Monkey Bento

I have not buy bread yet so I cooked macaroni pasta on last monday. It was mushroom creamy macaroni pasta. I want to try to make monkey with short sausage in the little pail like how Bentomonsters did. All thanks to her great tutorial. I did it. But I wonder why my monkey not able to 'sit' still in the pail. The monkey is too small for the little pail I guess as the monkey keep dropped into the pail.

It is a simple monkey bento for monday! :)

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