Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bento No# 107: Monster Bento

It has been quite awhile that I didn't feel so stressful. I am actually blogging from my office now. Only few days ago, I realised that i'm actually looking for something to eat or do my own personal stuff to release my stress. Yes, i'm stressful at work now. Rushing for company tax submission dateline with so limited time. I have to come back to office to work during weekends to catch up my unfinished work. I took minimum 3 days half day off during weekday to take care my little darling after she back from class. I appreciate the time i spent with my little darling at home so much as I know, once i going back office to work, i will work late and no time to spent time with her. 

Alright. To de-stress myself, i'm blogging. :)

Monster bento for my little darling yesterday. There's sausage bun, golden kiwis, blueberries, strawberries and small mandarin orange. Actually i wanted to make hello kitty bun for her but after i put on the eyes and eyebrow, it turn like monster instead! I did not made the mouth! The mouth is original from the bakery shop. LOL. End up, I just put a witch hat for the monster. No worry, she is not afraid with this little monster. LOL. 

I also made a bento for hubby using Monbento. I will do a write up on this in next post. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cornflakes Cookies

It is public holiday in Malaysia today (Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad), so my little darling does not need to go to class and my hubby is off as well. Poor mommy got to work as the Company does not observe this day as public holiday. Boooooo!!!!

So, there is no bento for today. But thought of sharing my baking project which I did 2 weeks ago. Cindy from The Baking Biatch (her blog is currently down) shared this easy recipe, Cornflakes cookies. I love cornflakes cookies and I used to bought from others in the past years. I love Cindy's blog as all her recipes come with step by step pictorial!! How useful for people like me. Hee...

I doubled up all the ingredients as the one butter block is 227g, compared to the recipe of which only need 100g of unsalted butter. However, I creamed the butter and sugar until pale before adding in the eggs and flour. The correct way is cream the butter and sugar until it is well mix. Not necessary to be pale. Anyway, it is still turn out to be so fragrant and crunchy!!! My hubby who does not really fancy cookies gives two thumbs up on the cookies. *blush blush* Hee. I plan to bake more for relatives and family for this coming CNY. :)

Cornflakes Cookies recipe
100g unsalted butter
100g castor sugar
1 egg
175 self-raising flour
50g cornflakes 

1. Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees Celcius.
2. Add the soften butter to castor sugar until well mixed.
3. Add in the egg and mix well.
4. Finally add in the flour and mix well again.
5. Scoop one tsp of cookie dough and roll them into a ball.
6. Finally roll the cookie ball to the crushed cornflakes and ensure that the ball is well coated with crushed cornflakes. 
7. Use spoon or fork to flatten the dough a bit after you place it on the baking tray (line the baking tray with parchment paper).
8. Bake them in the oven for about 15-20mins or until they are turn light brown.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bento No# 106: Snack Bento

My girl is attending half day enhancement class and the class ended at 12pm. She then will takes bath and lunch in school. It is good that most of the kids lunches are home cooked by the Principal's father. My girl will usually knock off in the car within 10 mins on the way back and the journey back home is about 45mins drive. It is really a looooong journey. 

She will continue to sleep after reach home and when she wakes up, she will keep asking for food. Thus, I made her snack bento again this afternoon. :))

A very simple one. Golden kiwis, blueberries and apricot yogurt in the little pail. I then added bee and ladybird cupcake decor, otherwise it is too plain. Hehe. I also spelt out her last name "QI" for her. It's simple isn't it? 

Bento No# 105: Piggy Bento

Aiks. My girl did not finish her double chocolate swissroll yesterday. I made her piggy theme today. :)

The piggy sandwich was cut using cutezcute cutter. I love this cutezcute cutter so much as it is really easy to use. It comes with 4 different animals cutter as well. How cool! I put some nutella chocolate on the piggy eyes. 

I added strawberries, blueberries, and two seedless grapes for her. I also include some dried raisins in the little piggy container. I felt it is quite a big snack bento box for my girl after I done all. =.=''' 

Principal told me she not did not finish her bento today. She finished all the fruits, but not the sandwich. I shall pack smaller one for her as this little girl really has small appetite. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bento No# 104: Ugly Snail Bento

I bought double chocolate swissroll yesterday. So, again I packed swissroll for my little girl's snack bento. I do not have idea on what shall this swissroll can be turn to except snail. haha. So, again, snail bento. 

I was thinking to make the body using white bread but the body was way toooooooooo slim. LOL. I was actually using multipurpose cutters. I should free cut the body instead. Thus, it turn out to be an ugly snail. 

I added blueberries (she requested a night before :)), korean strawberry and golden kiwis. Since I made an ugly snail, so I added squirrel picks to match the theme. 

The little girl asked where is hello kitty this morning. =.=''' I believe she will ask where is squirrel tomorrow morning if I'm not using this squirrel pick. She loves the cute picks as much as I do. Now I'm OK to include cute picks in her snack box as I know she able to handle the little cute picks. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bento No# 103: Hello Kitty and Mommy's Bento

I bought lots of fruits on weekend. Seedless grapes, korean strawberries, golden kiwis and blueberries. All are good to put in bento for my little girl. So happy! 

So, it's monday again and i'm gotta pack snack box for my little one again. I have lost touch with bento for few months due to busy worklife and also managing my bento biz. Besides, my sister in law is back home and prepares breakie for her daughter everyday. So, I took a rest for few months. LOL.

I prepared snack box with hello kitty theme (again!!). Cut out the hello kitty sandwich using the hello kitty cookie cutter and spread with her favourite nutella. Next, filled the little cute pail with strawberries and blueberries. This is my first time introduced blueberries to my little girl. Added hello kitty pick on the fruits and hello kitty baran as separator. It's easy and fast! 

Update: The principal told me that the little girl finished her bento everyday today. Hubby picked her up for the past 3 days and today is my turn to pick her up. So, I able to get updates on my little girl in the school. hehe..

Hubby bought one loaf of cheese and sugar bread. So, I also packed myself breakkie bento. Hehe. Simple one. :)

Bento No# 102: Snail and Fruits Bento

I bought green tea and yam swissrolls from local bakery shop. I love their swissrolls so much as it's really taste good! But their price is getting more pricey now. But the shop was having 22% storewide last weekend and I managed to grab two rolls of swissroll! Hehehe

I was cracking head on what shall I turn the swissroll to the day before. I only got the idea when I woke up that day. I made this to snail bento and give the snail a little hat, punched nori/seaweed for eyes, nose and mouth. Lastly, put some seedless grapes and flower silicon baran to decorate the box. The little girl likes the bee pick, so I added in the box to cheer her up. :) 

She did not bring two bentos to school. I prepared this on that night after her dinner. Usually, is daddy's job to prepare fruits for the little girl. But I was back home early that day from work, so I prepared fruits for her. Just to make her happy, I put the fruits into the box again. Includes in the box are golden kiwis, seedless grapes and strawberry yogurt in the panda container.

Bento No# 101: Fruits Bento

This bento was prepared for her on last Thursday. Booo...I'm late again to post. :p 

Bread was finished and I didnt make any sandwich for my girl. So, I just prepared fruits bento for her since she loves golden kiwis and seedless grapes. I only bought seedless grapes for her as I worry she does not know how to spill it off the seed. 

A very simple fruits bento consists of golden kiwis and seedless grapes for her to bring to school. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

400th Post Giveaway from Bento, Monster

Another good news to share! One of my friend, Ming from Bento, Monsters is having 400th Post Giveaway! Check out her post here. She has been making bentos for her boys for years and I started to follow her blog once I started to pick up this hobby. I always enjoy and looking forward her daily post. 

Hop to her beautiful blog and try your luck on her 400th Post Giveaway now! The giveaway is open to everyone! Good luck! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bento No# 100: Snack Bento

I'm too busy to post my bento daily. >.< This snack bento was prepared on last Wednesday. 

I was cracking my head what shall I include for my little girl's snack bento. Thus, I only includes seedless grapes and honey cornflakes cup which I baked the day before. 

Added hello kitty pick and baran and voila! It's done. I try not to pack too much food for her as she will having her lunch in nursery after 2 hours of morning break. I try to put variety of food into the box, especially fruits. 

Bento No# 99: Panda Bento

I was so happy when my girl finally takes bread. So, my bento journey starts to begin again. Hehehe. My little girl, QiQi is a small eater and I does not really sure if she able to finish them or not. Thus, I prepared in small portion. 

Panda nutella sandwich using Cutezcute cutter. I added seedless grapes for her and panda picks on top. A bit too plain. I added the animal baran to the box. and easy snack bento for her morning tea break. Oppss, i made this for her on last Tuesday. :) I will catch up my daily snack bentos soon! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bento No# 98: Rilakkuma Bento

Hello friends! I am so sorry that I did not update my blog for quite a few months. I feel so guilty! Ahhhh...I wish I have 36 hours a day! 

Okay...a brief update that I am now back to bento! I am no more making bento for my niece as her school now provides morning tea break and lunch! Her mom not even prepares her breakfast too. LOL. However, I am now back to bento for my little girl! Yay!! Finally, I able to make bento for my little girl!

My girl is 2 year old and I am sending her to half day right brain development centre. I only started to make snack bento for her on her third week of school. 

She does not really takes sandwich or bread at home. So, I spread nutella on the sandwich for her. I used rilakkuma cutter as it is small. But there are actually two rilakkumas there. LOL. I packed some seedless grapes for her as she likes grapes. As this is my first time introducing bento for her, I tried to minimise all the decor until she knows how to handle them. Besides, I don't know if my picks will get lost or not. Hahaha..

Guess what? When I picked her up from school, the principal told me she finished her bento! She even asked for more porridge for her lunch. I am so happy and proud of my little girl. I believe, she will be very soon adapting her school life, although she still crying badly every morning! =.=