Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bento No# 30: Maggi Mee Goreng Bento

I only have hamburger buns at home. I do not have luxury time in the morning to cook. Moreover, I am a noob in cooking. LOL. So, I would not possible to make any onigiri rice with chicken, veggies, etc. But, maybe in the future. :)  So, today I plan to cook maggi mee goreng bento. OK, I know it is not a healthy ones, but once a while, who cares? I did not make for my niece, Chloe, only for myself and hubby. So, that's OK. hehe

So, here my maggi mee goreng bento. I add a little chicky egg. This was my first time playing with egg. It was a messy work here. I used the plastic knife to cut the zig zag. So, it is really an uneven one. But, OK, practice makes perfect. I will try to do more often.

Maggi mee goreng bento
My bff, Pei Li visited me during CNY and she brought few big guavas and dragonfruits for me. She knows I LOVE dragonfruits. Hehe.. Therefore, I also packed some dragonfruits into my box.

Zoo family dragonfruits

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bento No# 29: Fish Bento

Happy Chinese New Year!!! It is 8th day of CNY and I believe most of us took one week of long holiday as I did!! So, I am off from making any bento for one whole week! Hahaha… But, I can’t wait to wake up this morning to make bento again! Hahaha….

I dragged hubby to Jusco yesterday afternoon after done with passport application. I asked him what he want to have for today’s breakfast. He said he wants burger. LOL. So, I bought the hamburger bun again. So, this morning, I made fish bento! In fact, there is tail for the fish. It can’t be noticed due to the angel of the photo I am taken. I also put some seedless grapes and two ferrero rocher chocolates for myself. In case you don’t know, I am a chocolate lover!! :=D

Fish bento

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bento No# 28: Smiley Burger Bento

I went to bakery shop during my lunch hour to get some bread for tomorrow’s breakfast. Then I spotted hamburger bun. I thought it is a good idea to make a burger then since I still have ham in the fridge to finish it. I told Chloe, my niece that I would make a burger for her and she was happy.

It was actually very simple to make, perhaps, I should say, assembly? Get ready all the ingredients such as hamburger buns, sliced cheese, cooked ham and veggie. Then I used cheese and nori for his eyes and mouth. I made 3 bentos in 45 minutes today. I think I am getting faster and faster, heh? Practice makes perfect!! And I am not perfect yet!! I tried to put some fruits to the bento everyday and all depends on what fruits available in the fridge. I only left one kiwi fruit in the fridge, so I shared the kiwi half for hubby and another half mine. I also packed mandarin orange to my bento as well. I put some pretzels for hubby and Chloe. Hehe

Hubby emailed me in the morning saying that my burger is very tasty! LOL!!! He really made my day! Back home, Chloe told me the burger is nice and she was very full after finished one whole burger by her own. My nephew, Xuan Xuan came to me said, “Pe mu, ming tian zhuo mien pau gei xuan xuan”, meaning, auntie, tomorrow make “bread” for him. I was smiling to him and said if you want, I will make one for you.

I am more than happy to make for them if they like it. J

3 bentos for the day

Bento for my niece, Chloe

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bento No# 26 & 27: Ugly Face Bento & Bearie Bento

I woke up this morning cluessless. Did not have any idea on my head. Stared at my bento tools for few seconds and I picked my newly purchased, big round cutter to make the ugly face bento. LOL.

LOL. I know it is real ugly face here. Therefore, I named this as ugly face bento. Ok .. Ok..here comes the cute one for the little one. :-)

The cutter that I bought from Daiso is now really good for me to make all this cute and small size animal bento.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bento No# 24 & 25: Sammies Bento and Lovey Sandwich Bento

I made two different bentos this morning. A smaller portion of lovey sandwhich bento for Chloe, and a bigger portion of sammies bento for myself and hubby.

I know it is an ugly face here. LOL. The reason is because the nori was cutted in too slim size as compared to the big face! Never mind, here is the cute one! The lovey meatfloss sandwich for Chloe today!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bento No# 23: Soba Bento

I am trying to give one different bento one day every week instead of BREAD everyday. Thus, today I made soba bento for hubby and myself. Also boiled some baby carrots. The mayo as dipping sauce is in the little chick container.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bento No# 22: Birdie Bento

I was late (again) this morning. I have no idea on what bento to make today. No time for me to boil baby carrots or even pack fruits. Therefore, I only made this simple bento. I just spread my favourite nutella jam on the bird sandwich. Also packed my favourite chocolate sandwich biscuits to fill up the gap.

Bento No# 21: Ferb Bento

Honestly, I am not a creative person. Hence, most of my bento's idea are comes from all the bento's sifu out there. One of the bento's sifu that I really love is Hawai's Bento Box Cookbook, Bentos and More for Kids. Hence, today I copied her idea from here. One slimmer Ferb and one fatter Ferb. LOL. Also packed some boiled baby carrots (and mayo in the piggy container) and mangoes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bento No# 20: Match & Munch Bento

I made 3 bentos today, one for myself, one for hubby and one for my niece, Chloe. She asked me the day before why I did not make any bento for her. I said because you didn’t bring to school. She said she will finish it when she is back from school. I don’t know why she does not want to bring to school as she did not tell me. Yesterday she cried saying her teacher scolded her and she does not want to go to school. I hope today’s bento will make her happy.

Chloe’s bento.

Two-tier puzzle sandwich and also some prunes for her. See the small little feet at top of the bottom left size puzzle piece? That was cut out using craft puncher bought by my sister. Not suitable for decorating the bento I guess. I believe the paw puncher will make it better. I am waiting BentoCraft to re-stock.

Hubby and my bento

Bigger puzzle sandwich for big appetite us. Hehehe.. I only made normal sandwich and put at the bottom of the puzzle sandwich. The 6-pcs mini puzzle sandwich is definitely not enough for me and hubby. I also grilled the sausages as I attempted to do sunflower sausage. But I failed again. I guess I gotta cut the sausages into half make before can round it successfully. See the little piggy hiding there? I put the chili sauce for the sausages.  As for hubby, I use the normal Lilo’s container for him.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bento No# 19: Smiley Bento

I do not have the cute and smaller size onigiri mould. I only managed to get a big one from Daiso. Hence, today simple smiley bento. Goes together in the box are peach and boiled sausages. I intended to do flower sausages intially, but I failed. Hmm....

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bento No# 18: Lovey Sandwich

This bento is for my niece, Chloe. She loves love shape sandwich. I asked her the night before if she wants BREAD for her breakfast, as the next day was her first day of school in 2012. She told me she wants. Hence, I made this lovey sandwich for her. Behind the lovey sandwich is a pack of waffles biscuit. I separated the lovey sandwich and boiled baby carrots with the animal divider. I put some tomato sauce inside the small chicky container for her to go with baby carrots.

Happy Schooling!

Bento No# 17: Puzzle Bento

I told you that I just can't wait to use the Match & Munch sandwich cutter. Looks like a couple is "biting" each other? LOL. Goes together in the bento are boiled  baby carrots and mayo as dipping sauce and a pack of waffle biscuits.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bento No# 16: Ohayo from Japan! Japanese Cupcake

I have heard a lot about this, Japanese cupcake. I have been eyeing on this cupcake for quite a long time but I did not give it a try because I think it is expensive, RM14.80 for 6 cuppies *stingy me*.  Finally I gave it a try. Next morning, I packed this super duper quick breakie bento. 2 cuppies in each bento with 2 ferrero rochers (I am chocolate addict in case you don’t know, hehe) and to add some cute touch, I put my newly bought panda pick sitting on the cuppy and the animal divider on behind.

Ok. Back to the Japanese cupcake. Everybody has been raving of this. It tastes quick normal to me. Maybe the correct time to consume is while it is still chilled. I packed to office, so not really cooling already.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bento Tools

My third purchase from Bento Craft was finally arrived!!! I was so excited and can't wait to use it. Finally I bought the Match & Munch sandwich cutter and the multipurpose nori cutter after thinking for sooooo long. Why?? Because it is not cheap! *knock head*

Bento No# 15: Somen Bento

Before hubby starts complaining his everyday BREAD bento, I quickly think of any food to pack as breakfast for him. I sees some of the bento bloggers actually use rice, mee, soba, somen, etc. Rice, fried mee definitely out from me (temporarily). So my only choice is the simple one, soba or somen. The weekend, I bought a pack of somen, a pack of soba, the sauce (tsuyu) from Jusco. I watched youtube on how to prepare the somen. Pretty easy. Cook the somen like maggi mee (I am expert on this, LOL) and rinse with the cold water. After that, take out somen in a mouthful portion one by one to the ice-cold water big bowl. As for the dipping sauce, mix one tsuyu sauce with ice-cold water. The portion is 1:1. Simple isn’t it??

As for the bento, I packed the dipping sauce in the food cube. 6 portion of mouthful somen in the bento box and I also packed a few boiled baby carrots in it. Hubby dropped me email at work saying that he loves the somen I made for him. *yay, yay, yay* *dancing and jumping on the floor*. Yeah. Simple appreciation words really brighten up my day! I am sure you do. J